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The Only Way to Fly

True story. After spending a lovely week in Virginia at an author friend’s lake house (thriller writer David Baldacci), our family was on our way home to Salt Lake, flying out of Washington's Ronald Reagan airport. When we arrived at…

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Ugly Babies and Grandparent Goggles

I’m the worst kind of grandparent–the kind who will show pictures of his grandson to complete strangers, including people in the Atlanta airport who don’t speak English and look terrified as they nod approvingly. I’m especially annoying because I know I’m…

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How I Saved My Marriage

(Dedicated to my sweetheart.) My oldest daughter, Jenna, recently said to me, “My greatest fear as a child was that you and mom would get divorced. Then, when I was twelve, I decided that you fought so much that maybe…

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Is your brain working against you?

This excerpt, taken from the New York Times bestseller THE FOUR DOORS, will help you understand how your mind works, how to succeed and why you sometimes get stuck in unhappiness and failure. On July 16, 1945, at an army…

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The Christmas Piano

A true Christmas story from Richard Paul Evans. I didn’t really want to visit Leah. It’s not that I had anything against her, truth be told, I didn’t really even know her, which, I suppose, was the problem. Leah Perry…

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Let it Go

Have you, or someone you love, ever felt this way? I have punished myself for my mistake more times than I can remember. Each day I wake in the court of conscience to be judged guilty and unworthy. In this…

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Nobody Cares About You

“Nobody cares about you,” the voices told Kevin, a young man from San Francisco. Kevin had been struggling with depression and loneliness for nearly a year, but lately the relentless internal voices seemed to be growing louder. “Nobody cares. You're a terrible person.…

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