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2 Clichés that Smart People Won’t Use

"Avoid cliches," is one of the first things any writing class worth its pencils will teach. Clichés are not only a sign of unoriginality but lazy thinking in general–a truth that applies to speech as well as the printed word. And some clichés are…

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Yesterday I gave my bike away

This guest blog is from my daughter, and writing assistant, Jenna Evans Welch. (Yes, the same little Jenna from The Christmas Box, only grown up. Enjoy)   Yesterday I gave my old bike away. I wheeled it out of the…

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The Only Way to Fly

True story. After spending a lovely week in Virginia at an author friend’s lake house (thriller writer David Baldacci), our family was on our way home to Salt Lake, flying out of Washington's Ronald Reagan airport. When we arrived at…

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