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Christmas Box Series

Nineteen years previous, only eleven days before her death, MaryAnn Parkin had bequeathed a beautiful rose-gold timepiece to my keeping.

“The day before you give Jenna away,” she had said, her voice trembling as she handed me the heirloom, “give this to her for the gift.”

I was puzzled by her choice of words.

“Her wedding gift?” I asked.

She looked at me sadly then forced a fragile smile. “You will know what I mean.”


The second book of The Christmas Box trilogy, Timepiece is the unforgettable story of hope and the source of the wisdom MaryAnne Parkin shared with Richard in The Christmas Box. Timepiece traces the loves of David and MaryAnne Parkin as they discover love, loyalty, and the power of forgiveness. With the help of David Parkin’s diary, Richard discovers the mystery of the timepiece and the significance of MaryAnne’s request.

ISBN: 0684837986
Published November 1996
Simon & Schuster

“Like the titular chest of Evans’ bestselling THE CHRISTMAS BOX, the eponymous timepiece -’a beautiful rose-gold wristwatch’- of this heart-plucking prequel fairly vibrates with sentimentality…Evans has a more ambitious tale to tell here than in THE CHRISTMAS BOX, and he generally carries it off with aplomb…The nation’s supply of Kleenex is bound to deplete after this book hits the shelves.” – Publishers Weekly

“A jewel of a book this exquisitely crafted story is wonderful reading for everyone.” – The Pilot (Southern Pines, NC)

“A touching story that reminds readers of the connections binding one generation to the next.” – Baton Rouge Magazine (LA)

“…The nation’s supply of Kleenex is bound to deplete after this hits the bookstore shelves.” – Publisher’s Weekly

The watch featured on the cover of the book was my mother’s. Just as is written in the book, I gave the watch to my daughter Jenna the eve of her wedding.

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