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The Locket

The Locket Trilogy

My Dearest Michael,

I would so rather say these things to your face, but, as we both know, life doesn’t often take requests…

In the top drawer of my armoire is a velvet pouch containing two heirlooms. The first is my locket. I would like you to return it to Betheltown for me—to lay it by the hearth of the fireplace where I left my love so many years ago. I am certain that the roads will be grown over, but you will know the place…


The Locket is the first book of The Locket Trilogy. After the death of his mother, Michael Keddington finds employment at the Arcadia nursing home, where he befriends Esther, a reclusive elderly woman who lives in mourning for her youth and lost love. Michael faces his own challenges when he loses his greatest love, Faye. When Michael is falsely accused of abusing one of the Arcadia’s residents, he learns important lessons about faith and forgiveness from Esther, and her gift to him of a locket, once symbolic of one person’s missed opportunities, becomes another’s second chance.

ISBN: 0684834731
Published October 6, 1998
Simon & Schuster

A heartwarming, three-hanky story. – The Pilot (Southern Pines, NC)

“Fans of old-fashioned, two-thumbs-up, box-of-tissues tales will love The Locket.” –

“Richard Paul Evans writes like he knows me personally, gently leading me through his story by my heart. The Locket is delicious. I could not put it down. I will definitely share this book.” – KSL Radio

The Locket is one of the most compelling and moving novels I have ever read. Despite my schedule these days, I have already read it three times and found each read worthwhile.” –U.S. Senator Orrin G. Hatch

Senator Orrin Hatch was so taken by The Locket that he called me at midnight the night he finished reading it. He asked if he could compose music to the book—which he did.

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