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The Christmas Box

James Kier looked back and forth between the newspaper headline and the photograph of himself, not sure if he should laugh or call his attorney. It was the same photograph the Tribune had used a couple of years earlier when they featured him on the front page of the business section. While the photograph was the same, the headline could not have been more different. Not many people get to read their own obituary.

Local real estate mogul dies in automobile crash

Utah real estate develop James Kier was pronounced dead after his car collided with a concrete pylon on southbound I-80. Authorities believe Kier may have had a heart attack prior to swerving off the road.

Kier put the paper down. He had no idea what the article was about to set in motion.


When real estate mogul James Kier is mistaken for another by the same name, he learns firsthand what the world really thinks of him, and decides to change his future.

ISBN: 9781437684704
Published October 2009
Simon & Schuster

“Like his bestseller The Christmas Box, Richard Paul Evans’s novel exudes true holiday spirit. Evans got the idea for the fiction while watching a local theater production of Dickens’s Christmas Carol. Almost instantly, Evans realized that is the story he wanted to write: the transformation of a present-day Scrooge into a caring human being. The list in the title isn’t a conventional reminder for gifts; it’s a roster of the people whom protagonist James Kier has most wronged. Unabashedly heartfelt and sentimental, The Christmas List has all the best elements of a redemptive Yuletide tale.” –Barnes and Noble

“It’s possible that Santa just won’t come if there isn’t a new Evans (A Christmas Box) holiday tale in his bag. This year, it’s the story of real-estate mogul James Kier, who gets the chance to read his obituary—before he dies. What he discovers unnerves him as the death notice portrays a ruthless, friendless man. James decides to make amends to the many people he’s hurt over the years. Sure to be a best-seller, so buy accordingly.” – Library Journal


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