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The Christmas Box

Christmas Box Series

“Whatever the reason, I find that with each passing Christmas the story of The Christmas Box is told less and needed more. So I record it now for all future generations to accept or dismiss as seems them good. As for me, I believe. And it is, after all, my story.”


So begins The Christmas Box, the touching story of a widow and the young family who moves in with her. Rick, Keri, and their 4-year-old daughter, Jenna, are hired as caretakers and are welcomed into the Victorian home of Mary Parkins, an elderly widow, just before the holiday season. As the relationship between Mary and the family develops we learn that Mary’s past sorrows are compelling her to share an important message with Richard. But will he understand her message in time? A heartwarming story of parental love, healing, and Christmas.

ISBN: 0684814994
Published November 1995
Simon & Schuster

“The most popular holiday tale since Tiny Tim.” – Newsweek

“The true miracle of The Christmas Box is in the thousands of spirits it has lifted and the hearts it has healed.” – Mary Higgins Clark

“THE CHRISTMAS BOX has touched something in people who must deal with the loss of a child.”  – The Washington Post

“Speaking directly to parents who have lost children, this bestseller also crystallizes a national yearning for family in these fragmented times.”  – USA Today

“. . .This tiny treasure will cause you to rejoice in the blessings of the season while stirring up a childlike vigor as old profundity is revealed anew. In a season often shrouded in selfishness and materialism, Evans reminds the reader that the only way that we can genuinely love one another is by accepting the greatest gift of love ever given–that of a Father who “so loved His children that He sent His son, that we might someday return to Him.” – Jill Heatherly, Review

“This inspiring holiday tale tells the touching story of a widow and the young family who moves in with her, and the ways in which they discover together the first gift of Christmas and what the holiday is really all about. Written by the author as a token of affection for his daughters, The Christmas Box has captured the hearts and minds of over a million readers.”.  – Barnes & Noble

When I wrote The Christmas Box, I never intended to publish the story-it was simply an expression of love for my two young daughters, Jenna and Allyson. Though I often told them that I loved them, I didn’t believe that they could ever really understand the depth of those feelings until they had experienced the joy of rearing their own children, and by that time our relationship would have already changed. Forever. In writing The Christmas Box, I hoped that at some future time they could read this book and know of their father’s love.

As I began to write, I was amazed at the inspiration which flowed into my mind and heart. I completed the book in less than six weeks and, when I had finished, I produced twenty copies to give as Christmas presents to my family and friends. In the next four weeks those twenty copies were shared from family to family, and friend to friend. I never imagined that what began as a tale for two little girls would spread to millions throughout the world. The inspiration, which began with The Christmas Box, is continued with Timepiece, the story of David and Mary Anne Parkin, in which we learn where the Christmas box and the angel statue had come from and the powerful lessons of hope the couple learned from their little girl, Andrea. I have learned from those who have read my stories that books can heal, and characters like Mary Anne Parkin, though fictitious, can provide warmth and companionship.

The Christmas Box has more than 8 million copies in print. If you were to stack them on top of each other they would roughly by the height of 258 Empire State buildings.

The Angel Statue in the book has become a “Mecca” of sorts, and people come from around the world to lay a flower at its base. There are currently more than 100 full-size replicas of the statue around the world.

The TV movie of the Christmas Box, starring Maureen O’Hara and Richard Thomas, was the #1 rated television movie of 1995 and won an Emmy. Richard and his family have a small cameo appearance in the movie when the “Evans” goes out to buy a Christmas tree, the fictional Evans family walks past the real Evans family in the Christmas tree lot.

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