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The Carousel

Christmas Box Series

We want to believe that we have control of our lives. But we don’t. We can’t even promise our time. The best we can promise is our hearts. And the most we can hope for is to live each moment as if it’s our last.


The Carousel is the continuing story of The Locket Trilogy’s Michael Keddington and Faye Murrow. Michael attends college and works at the Arcadia nursing home while Faye prepares for medical school in Baltimore. The future seems rife with possibilities—and a hasty marriage before Faye’s departure would seem to seal their bond and protect them forever. But they will discover that even the deepest love must weather life’s demands. And their forgiveness and faith must be at the heart of their journey together.

ISBN: 0684868911
Published October 10, 2000
Simon & Schuster

“An inspirational love story…in time for Christmas Box author Evans’ favorite season.” – Booklist

“In The Carousel, bestselling author Richard Paul Evans (The Christmas Box Collection) returns to the story of The Locket’s Faye Murrow and Michael Keddington, examining the resilience of love in the face of external obstacles. Evans’s greatest achievement in this novel is his portrayal of lovers as they exist, not behind closed doors but in the world — a world in which our commitments to friends, family, and work (what we perceive to be our obligations) often get in the way of what our hearts desire. As in all of his work, the emphasis in The Carousel is on sacrifice and faith, and what happens when things don’t “turn out the way that we planned.” – Barnes & Noble

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