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Enter the Mistletoe Secret–Tiffany contest!

CONTEST HAS ENDED Make your Christmas even more magic! WIN a signed copy of The Mistletoe Secret and this beautiful sterling silver Star ornament from Tiffany.  CONTEST HAS NOW ENDED.

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Announcing the MICHAEL VEY Commercial Contest!

CONTEST HAS ENDED  Are you a Veyniac? Do you want to be a hero at your school? Do you want to win prizes! Do you want to see yourself on a national network? Then enter the MICHAEL VEY COMMERCIAL CONTEST!  Make a YouTube Commercial for Michael Vey and you could win some awesome prizes for your…

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Michael Vey 6: Fall of Hades Book Tour

Richard's Book Tour Schedule   Thursday, September 8th - Global Launch Party - Murray, UT 7:00PM (Doors Open at 6:00 PM) Cottonwood High School 5715 South 1300 East, Murray, UT Tuesday, September 13th – National Book Release - Dallas, TX Glenn Beck TV & Radio   Wednesday, September 14th - Boise, ID 7:00PM Barnes & Noble Boise…

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Have you ever had a spiritual vision?

There are two men at a BYU – Notre Dame football game. One man said to the other, “Could you please sit down, you’re blocking my vision.” The other man replied, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were having one.” Do you believe in “visions”? Have you ever had one? We live in a world that's…

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Stop Whining that Christmas is too Commercial

When I read the title of this blog to my immensely rational wife, she gave me that look–the one that says, “Are you completely insane?” To which I silently replied, No, honey. Not completely. But as The New York Times has crowned me “The King of Christmas Fiction”, I have a stake in this whole Christmas…

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You won’t believe this mother’s heartache

We are going to make a difference in this woman's life. Join us.  I don't know why some people have to face as much pain as they do. Wilda Thompson is one of those people–a woman whose suffering seems unimaginable. Wilda’s pain started early in life when her kid brother died in a plane crash. It was a…

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Why do things go wrong when we’re trying to do what’s right?

Lately I’ve been pondering why it is that when we set out to do something good we face such difficult adversity. Sometimes it even feels like we're being punished for doing the right thing. Last week I attended a board meeting for the Christmas Box International, a charitable organization I founded about fifteen years ago…

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You won’t believe what this man did on a flight I was on.

It had been one of those dreadful days of traveling. The airports were slammed and I had taken a crowded flight out of Cincinnati, only to find that my connecting flight to St. Louis had been delayed nearly four hours. As I sat there, tired and bored, listening to the grumblings of disgruntled passengers (some of…

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