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Are the dying visited by the dead?

Sitting on the bed next to my grandmother as she lay dying, I witnessed a curious thing. Earlier that day, hospice had put my grandmother on a morphine drip and ever since I had arrived she had seemed unaware of her surroundings and mumbling unintelligibly. Then suddenly she stopped mumbling and looked up to the corner of the room. For more than a minute she was silent and her eyes were focused on a single point. Then I heard her say very clearly, “No, not yet.” She died several hours later.

While there is much debate about what happens during the final minutes of life, reported end-of-life “visitation experiences” are extremely common. In my speaking, I’ve had the opportunity to address hundreds of hospice workers. Never once has any of them told me they don’t believe that the dying have visitations. And if anyone would know, it would be them. So why isn’t this phenomenon addressed more openly?

When my father-in-law, a confessed atheist, was on his deathbed from a terminal heart ailment, his eyes suddenly widened. Because of the tubes down his throat he was unable to speak but he was clearly attentive, following something across the room with his eyes. My wife, Keri, was at his side. “Dad, do you see someone?”

He nodded to the affirmative.

“Is it Grandma?”

He shook his head.

“Do you know who it is?”

Again he shook his head. Minutes after his passing, his nurse said to me, “I knew he was going to die soon. When they start getting visitations, it’s their time.” I asked if she’d seen this before. She nodded. “Many times.”

Reported end-of-life experiences are predominantly categorized as three types: Out of Body experiences (OBEs), Near Death experiences (NDEs) and End of life dreams and visions (ELDVs).

In a study of end-of-life phenomenon, scientists at Canisius College interviewed 66 patients receiving end-of-life care in a hospice. The study found that most patients reported at least one vision per day– and that visions involving dead friends and relatives were the most common.

The researchers wrote, ‘As participants approached death, comforting dreams/visions of the deceased became more prevalent, ‘The impact of pre-death experiences on dying individuals and their loved ones can be profoundly meaningful…and typically lessen fear of dying, making transition from life to death easier for those experiencing them.’

Still, in spite of thousands of written accounts of pre-death encounters, there are still many who don’t believe. An article in Salon magazine states:

Despite thousands of testimonials and hundreds, which have been corroborated, many materialist scientists cling to the notion that out of body experiences and Near death experiences are located in the brain…

Afterlife deniers have offered a list of possible scientific explanations for end-of-life phenomenon that include; excess carbon dioxide creating a white light and tunnel, endorphins released under stress, lack of oxygen, hallucinations and a damaged temporoparietal junction which may create the illusion of an out-of-body experience­–a phenomenon that scientists claim to have been able to replicate without bringing the body close to death.

However, none of this explains how people who are brought back from death are able to explain things that happen in other rooms, conversations, etc. A good example of this is the famous and well-documented case of “Maria”. After being resuscitated from a heart attack, Maria told a social worker that during the time her heart had stopped she had gone outside the hospital. She described in great detail a shoe she’d seen on the ledge of a hospital window on the third floor. The doubtful, but curious social worker not only found the shoe but also realized that there was no other way for Maria to have known all of the details of the shoe and its surroundings that she had described.

Many believe that as our medical science allows us to bring more people back from death, we will only see and validate more of these experiences. For those seeking truth about the existence of an afterlife, an honest inquiry into end-of-life phenomenon is a good place to start.

Have you, or someone you know, ever experienced this phenomena? Please Share. Richard Paul Evans is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty books. His latest book, THE MISTLETOE INN, is currently a New York Times bestseller and is now on sale. You may order your copies now at Amazon, at a discount, by clicking this link. THE MISTLETOE INN

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  1. During the last week of my mother’s life, she frequently told me she had seen “Granny”, her mother. She would always shake her head no. The day before she died, she spent all day shaking her head no. That night, I sat with her and whispered to her that it was okay; Granny was waiting; everyone would take care of her, etc. The next day, she woke up shaking her head yes, and passed very peacefully that afternoon. I firmly believe that our family members help us pass over, and know that it will be easier because my momma will be there to help me.

    1. I recently witnessed this for the first time in my life. My partner was final stages of cancer, I had him home with hospice help. He had been unconscious for two days when he suddenly sat up with his eyes wide open and in a clear concise voice he said “Oh my gosh… it’s Frank”, I said I do not see anyone. My partner looked at me in wide eyed amazement and said “Can’t you see him, he’s right there”… he looked stunned and then looked relieved and said to me “Oh… I see, he’s the one who has come to take me over”. His eyes fluttered shut and he never regained consciousness again, he passed the following morning.

      A little investigating and I learned that Frank had been a cousin to my partner… they had shared many things in their youth, both gone through law school
      and had shared many experiences together. Frank had passed years earlier. Whatever this ‘vision’ was, whether it spiritual or hallucination, it brought great
      comfort to my partner, and actually… brought great comfort to me too.

  2. I I dearly love all your stories and the latest one was the greatest – of course my favorite ones were The Walk — and I shall never forget that one. You are such a wonderful person and I have loved all your books. Thanks so much.

  3. When I was about seven years old, my Grandmother was rocking me on her lap in a rocking chair on the front porch. She suddenly lurched forward and I fell onto the floor. She was staring at a place above the railing for at least a minute.
    She said she had just seen her sister from Youngstown. About an hour later, she received a call that her sister died.
    Another sharing, my Grandmother was dying in the hospital and family was present. Her eyes were closed and she
    did not speak. She opened her eyes and stared at something in the air at the foot of her bed and died soon after.

  4. 2011 my father was in the last stages of cancer. Along with
    Hospice, we were caring for him at home 24/7. There were
    several times in those last days when he would gaze with wide
    open eyes to the upper corner of the room…At those moments
    his face became relaxed and peaceful. There was a sense of joy
    in the room!

    I am so grateful for those moments for him and for having the
    privilege to be present!

  5. As my Grandmother was dying of cancer in her last
    Minutes, she said I have to go now Jim is coming from
    The barn to get me. Jim was her brother who had died
    A few years before .

  6. My father-in-law, Keith, was in his final stages of battling cancer. He had chosen to stay at home instead of the hospital. Family members coordinated with hospice to provide needed care. The last week or two before his death, I was his 24/7 at-home care giver. Hospice came occasionally to administer some medication and provide respite when I needed to run an errand or something. Not long before Keith’s death, I was sitting next to his bed. He was on strong medications and incoherent most of the time. At one point, he was clearly looking at something beyond me and then said, as if responding to an inquiry, “This is Nadine. She’s Brian’s wife.” It was clear to me that he was speaking to an unseen visitor who didn’t know who I was. It was not more than a few days later, that he passed away.

  7. After my mother gave birth to my brother, she hemmoraged and needed emergency surgery. I was 7 years old at the time. (1950). Years later she told me & my sister that, during the operation, she saw her older brother, who had died several years before. She said he was standing next to the operating table where she was laying.
    My mom was a good Christian woman & I know she wouldn’t make up something like that.
    She lived to be 88 yrs old. And my brother grew up to become a minister!
    I believe we are visited by loved ones at our death & that escort us to heaven.
    I had a great aunt who, on her deathbed, was surrounded by little angels or cherubim. We know this because she smiled and mentioned all the little children around her bed. She had two children and, to my knowledge, had not lost any children. Aunt Bessie was my mom’s aunt.

  8. My grandmother, before she died, was looking out the window and said that she saw her mother and sister (both deceased) over by a rock. The rock was there. Grandmother wasn’t on her deathbed then, but my mother was very upset by it.

  9. Yes, I believe that those who have gone before return to give comfort to those whose turn to die has come. My father woke from a coma to tell us that ” Mumma was just here to see me.” He passed away peacefully.

    1. Hi . When I was 20 I had a baby who passed after 3 days I only saw him once when they brought him in my room but he opened his eyes and he looked straight I’m my eyes the whole time ‘I’ll never forget the luv I saw. So now I’m 65 and about 4 in morning I felt a tap on my back half asleep I know I said stop and got tapped harder I woke all way up to see out of corner of my eye a young man slipping into my bathroom but he was moving fast so I called out to my husband to see if it was him in the bathroom but he had gone to work so I sat on end of my bed and stared at the bathroom door it was still kinda dark out but I could see a little the door was swinging open on its own and he just walked out of my bathroom it was my son he was tall and had same face same eyes he looked right at me he was so sweet looking and shiny but beautiful he looked at me like he knew my whole life I saw him clear as anything I only told my daughter my husband doesn’t believe in that but I know who I saw when he got close to me he light up in tiny lights all over him and was gone I think about it all time why did he come here now and how much I would like him to come back. I also see shapes of people all black in my house all the time. It made me so happy to see him as a angel it sounds crazy but I saw him that morning thanks

  10. Thank you, Richard, for your thoughtful blogs. Authors are basically curious people who tend to see the world in a dimension beyond the rest of us. Your books are interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring. I really enjoyed The Mistletoe Inn–couldn’t put it down. I’ll want to read the re-working of Grace, another beautiful book. books become special friends, and leave indelible impressions upon us. As a young man I read The Greek Passion, by Nikos Kazantzakis, and feel that it changed my life, primarily because it altered my attitude about believing in Jesus, and emulating his life. Thank you for introducing me, a reader, to so many fascinating characters, whose decisions and faith in resolving their problems have helped me develop new insight, sharpen my values, and propel me to more positive action in giving and caring. The protagonist in The Last Promise is an excellent example. I wish you would write more books for youth, beyond the Michael McVey series, with stories that relate realistically to the problems and challenges of youth. Blessings on you, Richard. You are a good man. May the Lord continue to bless your family, and to watch over you.
    Robert Bradford, Gilbert, Arizona (grew up in SLC).

  11. If you haven’t read Dr. Eben Alexander’s book on his NDE, it is worth the time. (Proof of Heaven) Dr. Alexander was a neurosurgeon at Harvard when he was afflicted with disease that caused his brain to stop working. Physicians have believed that it is the brain that causes these experiences, that could not have been the experience here as he had no brain function. At the end of his book he does an in depth analysis of medical possibilities and refutes them using the science he knows so well. An excellent book for anyone interested in these experiences.

  12. I think that there is such a wealth of stories about experiences such as these that it has forced me to believe them.
    Not all of them could possibly be attributed to some sort of physical phenomenon.
    The story about the shoe on the ledge? How could that woman have possibly known about that?
    There’s a movie with Kevin Costner and Kathy Bates that might be called “Dragonfly” that speaks to
    this very issue. It’s a lovely movie and very thought-provoking.

    1. As a pastor for all of his adult life, my father sat with several people as they lay dying. He told of one experience when the patient opened his eyes, smiled and said, “Oh, the angels”, then passed into his new life.

    2. I was a hospice nurse at an inpatient hospice facility for many years. In fact, we would have over 1000 deaths a year so I was privileged to spend much of my life with dying people. Yes, many of the patients did see people they knew that were dead, coming to see them at the end of their life. I would always tell the dying how wonderful it was to have someone welcoming them on the other end. One day though, I was caring for a patient who was extremely anxious. She claimed to be seeing her ex-husband and he was coming to her from hell. The thought of him welcoming her to hell was so unthinkable to her that she was terrorized. That was a bad dying experience for her and her death in the end was not peaceful.

    3. My Mother attended church and in her latter life, read her Bible but was never overly religious. She had at times told me that there were things she had a hard time understanding in the Bible. We knew she was dying and asked if we could bring her home from the hospital. She was home about a week when she started sleeping all the time and stopped talking all together. The day before she died, she raised her arms to the sky and very clearly said “I have seen Jesus.” A little latter, she repeated “I have seen Jesus”. Again raising her arms to the sky. There was no doubt in my mind that she had. How fortunate we were that we had not left her in the hospital and were there to hear her.

      Ny niece was in the room with me when this occurred. She had stopped going to church but after that, she said their was no way she could not return to attending church.

  13. Love this information you provided. Would love you to write a book about this. I am currently reading The Mistletoe Inn…I have read most of your books, and I LOVE The Walk series and I pray it becomes a movie. God bless, Lea Tartanian, one of your biggest fans!

  14. Thank you for this! Our family is currently watching my uncle in his last few weeks of his life. The 4th out of 6 siblings to die from cancer. And as I watch my poor mom go through losing another sibling, things like this give her comfort. We are LDS, and as such believe in the hereafter. But we are also human, with all of the frailties and emotions that go along with it. I know that my aunts and grandparents are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the youngest and only boy in the family. And that gives us great comfort.

  15. My good friend, who just died this past week, said that she saw her deceased husband and recently deceased grandson together, waiting for her. She also said that she saw Jesus with his arms outstretched, waiting for her. She died two days later. And my dad, 18 years ago, at practically his last breath, raised his arms up and went, “Ahhhh.” It was a good “Ahhhh.” I know he saw my mom, or heaven, or something good.

  16. As we are coming closer to the 5th anniversary of my mom’s death, this really brought back her last two weeks that I spent with her. I firmly believe she saw my father & others. She would point at the end of the bed & one time, she raised up her ring finger letting him know she still had her wedding ring. Another night, she started moving & the bed along with her, reciting bible passages that none of us had ever heard her do. Another time, she woke up & was telling us about a field she saw with children in it. There were so many things that happened during those last two weeks. One day, she told my sister she was going to have another grandchild. Only a handful of family members at that time knew my daughter was pregnant but nobody had told my mom. My daughter lost the baby the day before mom died which I always found comforting, knowing mom would be there to take care of it.

  17. I really do believe they are ‘visited’. When my Dad was dying he could no longer speak, but he saw people in the room no one else could see. Same with my Gran. Due to where I work I’ve also seen people try to get out of bed just before they die as if they are going to someone.

  18. A couple of hours before my mom passed away she opened her eyes, looked up, and said Ray, Ray and she smiled. My dad’s name was Raymond he passed away in 1981. I believe he was in the room to be there when mom passed away a couple hours later.

  19. My mother in law was a widow for 30 years. She had had polio early in their marriage and was unable to move without someone helping her. For about a month before her passing, she kept having dreams of herself and her husband dancing in a field of flowers. After she passed, we all felt this was a message to her that she would soon be seeing her husband and one again being able to dance. Thankfully she died peacefully in her sleep.

  20. when my wife was in the last two days of her life she repeatedly said “they are here they are all here” and then “I see mom I see mom”
    I fully believe that she saw her Mother and Father. I think the veil is thin at that time of a persons life.

  21. I believe that people passing away do see people that have already passed. I think those spirits bring amazingly and very important messages to share.

  22. My mother said the exact same words after turning from my father and looking toward the ceiling. I was there. I wrote you about this after reading your book Noel. I very much believe the dying are greeted by their loved ones .

  23. I remember when I was 13 or 14 I was at my friend David Jr’s house on a Sunday afternoon after our last meeting of the day (this was way before the block meetings that we have now), we were visiting with David’s mother who had terminal cancer. David’s dad Dave was meeting with the Bishopric to be ordained into the Melchizedek Priesthood ; David’s dad had joined the LDS Church about 6 months before. Dave came home and went to his wife and told her that he was now a worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holder and his wife replied that she knew because her father was present in the Bishop’s office when Dave received the Priesthood and he had told her the good news. David’s mom passed away the next morning. David later told me that his mom told him that she had a number visitors from the otherside of the veil telling her it was time for her to come home. David said his mom told her visitors that she was waiting for her husband Dave to receive the Melchezedek Preisthood and once he did, she would be ready to go home.

  24. My mother was sitting with my grandmother at the nursing home. She stayed with her every night because she was so sick that she had to put her there to be taken care of during the day while she worked. Mother said, that my grandmother started reaching toward something. Then she called out “Matt” which was my grandfather’s name. Then she called out each of her brother’s and sister’s names who had already died and her mother and was mumbling something to each one. She did this for several days before she died.

  25. I have seen this several times with those getting ready to pass on. Amazingly, one had looked to the corner of the room, pointed to that area, and when questioned by his wife, determined that it was her husband’s deceased grandparents. He died of malignant melanoma 2 days later.

  26. My husband’s elderly mother was in an Alzheimer’s facility; she was in her 90’s. Her husband had died years before while helping victims of an automobile accident. One of the aids at the facility was checking in on Helen and saw her throwing kisses across the room. When asked who the kisses were for she replied, “My husband! I haven’t seen him for such a long time.” She died hours later.

    One night when I was sleeping i was awakened by someone telling me good-bye. It sounded like a friend at work. I found out at work that he had died the night before. I mentioned to a female friend at work that I heard Bud’s voice in the night. She said she had also!! We decided he was telling us good-bye,

    I have had dreams about my grandmother that were so real I felt I could touch her and hug her. It was so real I believe she was with me.

  27. Thank you for this story Richard. I had an experience just before my mother passed away. She sent me a message that I followed up on after her death in 1989. To this day I ask her for help when in need, and I usually get my answer from her. Back you what you said, yes I do believe people dying get to see or hear from members of their family or friends. It helps them pass on peacefully. Thanks again for your wise wisdom and your faith. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and a happy healthy New Year.

  28. I had always been hesitant to believe the descriptions I heard and read of visitors during a person’s last hours – until I witnessed my dear grandmother call out to loved ones she seemed to see in the room with us. She called her mother, father, and her husband (my grandfather) by name as we sat there with her. She was basically unresponsive to us by that time, but she did respond to them. I knew she would see Jesus as she neared the end of her time here with us, but it gave me comfort to know that she also saw those she loved who were waiting for her. It was beautiful, and I am thankful I have that memory when I think of her. The Lord is gracious and compassionate.

  29. My mother had had a very bad day for pain. She appeared several times to pass out. Her hospice nurse later told me that they call that transitioning. When Mom started doing that, the nurse knew she was much closer to death than any of us had realized before. In hospice circles transitioning is the spirit communing with the other side. That night, Mom called me in to help her move, trying to get comfortable. When I would get her to the edge of her bed, she kept pointing farther in that direction and saying, “I want to go over there.” After a couple of hours of this, she found her way “over there”.
    Three months later, as our father was dying, the last words he was heard to speak were, “Well, how ya doing’ Mama?”(He called our mom Mama from years of raising kids.) We found it very comforting to know that she was there to guide him on.

  30. As my mother lay dying at age 89 just 5 years ago last May in my home, my daughter stayed at her side almost constantly. While she talked to Grandma she also kept a detailed journal of everything that was happening and everything that was said by my mom. She mainly did this because most of my family lives in another state and could not be here for her death. She wanted them to read it later and feel like they were there. On one occasion, my daughter wrote in the journal that grandma would periodically ask her who people were and point in the direction across the room. One time she asked my daughter who the man was in the white suit. She wanted to know why they were there and why they were dressed in white. I believe without a doubt that the veil between this life and the next grows very thin when a person is about to pass to the other side.

  31. I have experienced a visit from my husband’s deceased Mother three days prior to his death on April 12, 2002. My husband Richard and I married on July 26, 1980. his Mother has passed away in 1979, and his Father has passed away sometime in the 1970’s I had never met either one of them. My husband was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes in 1997, he received treatment for the next five years. He had being doing well until the last two months when he became too weak to get out of bed. My husband Richard’s Mother came to me in a dream. She sat on the side of my bed during the night not long, briefly. She did not say a word, she just sat by my side of the bed. I clearly saw how she looked. Later that morning when Richard woke up he told me his parents were coming to visit soon. He passed away three days later at the age of 72.

    My Son and Daughter from a previous marriage were helping me look through some of his old pictures with his parents,( he was an only child), when I found a picture of his Mother just as she looked when she appeared to me in my dream. I have never told any one about this visit until now. Thank you for sending me your comments about the visits from the dead to the dying.

  32. When I gave birth to my second child, I died for a few moments. I found myself in a huge tunnel , it was lit and there were many going the same way as me. I arrived to a beautiful blinding light. The being in the light said , you have a choice you may stay or go back. I knew it was Jesus the Christ for I said ,”Oh I want to stay “and some how I saw my oldest daughter playing and the baby crying. I then in great longing to stay ask him if I stayed who would teach them of him. I no sooner spoke those words that I was zoomed back to my poor sick body. When trials have had me face down on the floor I think I could of left and never known this agony. I did the right thing for my beautiful daughters and grand daughters. I am so grateful for my Savior who loved me enough to trust me to make that decision. I will tell you that every day since I long to be with him, when he is ready for me. I know my Heavenly Father lives, and I know Jesus the Christ his son is our Savior. As we celebrate his birth lets not let the evil of this world rob us of this awesome joy. Thank you Richard

    1. My mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer 3 months after we had moved to another town. Her plans were to join us when her lease was up
      We had sold our house and moved to a town 8 hours away. Our plans were to move her when her lease was up in 6 months. God had other plans.
      She was diagnosed with lung cancer 4 months after our move. I went back and stayed with her. One day while sitting with her, she had the most
      calm, peaceful, beautiful smile on her face that I had never seen. I asked “What are you thinking about?” Her answer “The angels are coming for me..”
      They did but I had 22 more days with her. That was 19 years ago and I can still see her smile. I know where she is and I want to be with her.

    2. This is a beautiful reminder of life purpose and death finale. Thanks or sharing this tender story. I hope you are feeling better and have continued peace. So many people have not grasp this attitude. God Bless

  33. My father had a near death vision “God and the Devil were holding him over a pit in his vision and fighting over him”. My father believed in God but had never accepted Jesus as his Savior. He believed that if you were good you would go to Heaven. After this vision he requested to see my uncle whom he knew to be a Christian. My uncle came to the hospital and he led my father to Jesus. I was so happy that God spoke to him and gave him a second chance. I know I will now see him in Heaven.

  34. My mother passed away just after midnight last Saturday. I live out out of town and arrived just a few hours before hand. During our time together, no matter which side the nurses turned her on, she move her head and look to the same corner, reaching out with her right hand. At one point, her face tok on a look of fear and she quickly drew back her hand. I mentioned this to my two sisters and said it was just the morphine. I truly believe she was visited by the dead as it was her time to go.

  35. When my mother was dying, I slept in the living room with a baby monitor beside my mother’s bed in case she called out to me in the night. At around 2 AM, I heard her sweet voice singing “Happy Birthday” and when I went in to check on her, her eyes were closed, but darting around as if she was looking at people and her surroundings. She had the sweetest smile on her face. I knew she was seeing lost loved ones, those who had gone before. At around 3 AM, I heard her say “oh, Sherman, that’s too bad”. Sherman was my mother’s grandfather, and was always known as quite a stinker. I wonder if he was on the outskirts of heaven, and Mom passed him by on her way in. Again I checked on her, and her sweet smile told me that death is nothing to fear. She embraced it as she embraced everything in life. She died later that day. I miss her, but I am certain that on that day when I will be borne into heaven, she will be there, with all of my other lost loved ones, to greet me and welcome me home.

  36. As a nurse, I can honestly say that there is a moment in time when those who are dying, are visited. One experience especially stood out for me. A patient we had resuscitated later confided in me that he had seen me slip and take hold of the bedstand. He told me he felt he was above his bed looking at all who were trying to save his life. He said that he felt a large “thump” above the bedside and was again inside his body. It was impossible for him to have known that I had slipped.

    My own father and uncle who died at home had such encounters. My father would tell the visitors he was not ready yet. A clear conversation with pauses for replies were often done. After my father transitioned from body to spirit, my aunt related that my uncle was also “speaking” to people. He died shortly thereafter.

    As energy cannot be created or destroyed, our spirits will live forever. Those who love us will come and help with that transition. What greater and more loving way than to be led to our eternal home.

  37. Normally I do not respond to this type of request. However, in this case I feel obliged to comment. First I should share that I have been active in nursing for 48 years. Most of my professional experience has been in the long term skilled care of the elderly and in providing hospice care to the dying both in their home and in skilled settings such as nursing homes and hospitals. Because I believe that death, like birth, is a sacred time, over the course of my career I have always attempted to be with the dying person as death approached. It was at times only for a brief moment, and on some occasions or much longer. But, to be brief and to answer your question, “Are the dying visited by the dead?” . . . my answer to you is an absolutely certain “YES”.
    It is by no means an exaggeration to say I have had the honor to have been with hundreds of individuals as they have experienced the dying process and death. Many, many of those have described visions of, messages from, conversations with, visits with deceased loved ones. Or perhaps feeling a gentle touch or a guiding hand. In nearly all of these situations the experience has brought comfort, peace and assurance to the dying individual. Some persons are able to describe their experience. With others the effects can be noted in a subtle or perhaps remarkable change in facial expression, a decrease in physical pain, less anxiety and on occasion a visible expression of radiant joy.
    What I have attempted to describe to you in no way provides any “proof”, scientific or otherwise that the dying are visited by the dead. But as a person of deep faith in loving God I do believe that these “visits” are real and do happen. I have seen it myself through the eyes of “faith”.
    I want to simply say that I am a catholic . . . a Christian. The people I have accompanied during the dying process were from many different faiths. Our Lord Jesus Christ loves us all. AMEN

    1. Julia,

      I read your reply to “Are the dying visited by the dead.” I agree with you in every way. I am also an RN of 36 years and I have seen and heard much of the same as you. My own mother on her death bed looked high up and became very excited! She pointed up and when I asked her if she was seeing Jesus, she nodded yes! She was unable to speak. This greatly affected me after hearing so many other stories from my patients before and since then. My mom died early in the am the next day. Thank you so much for your story!

  38. I have experienced or witnessed several of these kind of things both myself and with other people. I will share one of my experiences with you. For quite some time over a period of several months I had been experiencing a decline in my health. I had been admitted to the emergency room several times, but finally my condition worsened and I was admitted to ER with terrible chest pains and knumbness all over my body to the point that I had to be carried into the car and wheeled into the ER as I could not walk on my own. Somewhere in that process either just before entering the hospital or during the tests that were taken, I had a NDE. I found myself walking up a long tunnel of light that was very bright. At the end of the tunnel stood my Savior, Jesus Christ. He spoke to me and told me to come into paradise. I was walking toward him and was very anxious to reach his outstretched arms. The realm which I found myself in was one of complete peace and extreme joy and happiness. I could not wait to get to him. The next thing I remember was that I was sitting on a chair in the ER with a nurse whose voice sounded cross and impatient telling me that I had to wake up now and hurry up and leave as there were other patients waiting. When I woke up I was very angry that I had been asked to wake up. I did not want to wake up. I gave the nurse a piece of my angry mind and ran out of the ER. I ran down a long hall and hid myself in a restroom and locked the door where I stayed for about an hour. I wanted to go back to my Savior. I sat there and prayed as hard as I could. I could hear His voice talking to me and telling me that I did not have to be afraid. His words were calm and reassuring. Finally he told me to come out of the restroom and go to my Dr.’s office an tell them what had happened. I had received a complete renewal of my strength. I walked briskly to my Dr.’s office with my husband and son tagging behind. Neither could believe how fast I was walking as they had carried me into the ER. It was a complete miracle. I have had pain off and on since then but it always gets better when I pray. Sometimes, I am so tired that I can hardly stand up one minute and the next thing I know my strength is completely renewed and I am able to have increased stamina. It has been a very miraculous thing to watch. I am truly amazed at what I have seen happen to me. I have given my life to my Savior to use in whatever way he wishes and He takes me where he wants me to go. Every day I ask him what his will is for me that day and he guides my footsteps to where he wants me to go and gives me the strength to do what he wants me to do. Such is the reason why I am writing this story for you. This morning my wrists and hands were swollen and hurting. Me knees were aching. I was so tired that I had to go back to bed shortly after I got up. Then I prayed and ask the Lord if it would be better for me to rest my hands or exercise them. The next thing I knew, my prayers were answered and I was drawn to my computer to write this story and another one as well, which I recorded on my Facebook page. I could share several other stories from my own life on this subject, but this is enough for now. Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you.

    1. I’m grateful for the wonderful responses, especially Jaynies.’ Thank you for another beautiful post Richard! I believe very strongly in an afterlife with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and am so grateful for experiences like these that allow us to see a glimpse of heaven.

  39. My husband’s grandmother had been in a diabetic coma for three (3) days. Right before she passed, I, along with others in the room, saw her slowly lift up her right arm…extending her hand…as if she was taking someone’s hand. I truly believe someone came for her.

  40. When my daddy was nearing his earthly end, he required wires, tubes, the whole lot. He had a tracheotomy and could not speak but could move his head slightly. As our entire family surrounded him, praying with him and for him, he turned to my momma, smiled broadly, and mouthed “BYE!” Then his eyes turned to the crucifix at the foot of his bed and went peacefully to meet our Savior. I know his family was “visiting” the entire time he was ill. But I also know he visits us as well. I can smell his Old Spice cologne, usually when I’m worried or stressed about trivial things. I miss him, but I take comfort knowing we’ll see each other again.

  41. I used to wonder about this very topic! I would go back and forth, believing and not believing. Then I had the unfortunate opportunity to witness my sister-in-law on her death bed. Now I am a strong believer that something is happening, either you are receiving visitors or the answers to life itself is being explained to you.
    I believe the hospice folks referred to what we would witness when it came time for her to leave as “posturing”. It was very difficult to watch as she would stare at a single spot on the ceiling for hours upon hours. Then as my husband was sitting next to his sister holding her hand and saying his goodbyes she stopped and looked at him right in the eye for a moment, then returned to her trancelike state. Shortly after she stopped breathing.
    Neither my husband or I are very religious but we both believe that she was receiving visitors of friends and family who left this world before her. I believe they were all convincing her that it was ok to let go and join them in the afterlife and that her family would be ok here!
    Although this experience was absolutely heartbreaking, it was very eye opening and eases my mind for the future!

  42. I was with my mother as she lay dieing. I could see her heart beat slowing down and then, it stopped. Just as I was hysterically going to call the Doctor to do something to save her, an arm came around my shoulder, and a voice said, “It’s OK Karma, she’s with us”. I couldn’t see anyone, but I knew they were there!

  43. My father died of Non-hodgkin’s Lymphoma many years ago which had metastasized to his eyes and brain. He deteriorated daily. Several months before he passed away, my mother overheard him talking to someone. His hospital bed was placed in the living room which was situated next to our kitchen where my mom was working. She listened to him have an actual conversation and fascinated, went in and asked him who he was talking to. He turned to look at her and stated the name of one of his friends who had died a few years before. Apparently dad was chatting while his friend was grilling hotdogs. He kept pointing to a corner of the room and telling my mom, “He’s right here”! There were other times when my father would “talk to a small crippled boy who would come and sit on the foot of the bed”. My father was concerned for him and wanted my mom to ensure he had a good meal before he left. My father also would reach up and try to “pull at a string ” hanging down at times in the months before his death. It was agonizing to watch him die slowly but our family took great comfort in these little visitation miracles. When my brother died at 49 of Lung Cancer, I did not witness any visitations, however right after he passed in the early morning, the most dazzling sunrise appeared. It appeared much more brilliant than I have ever seen in my life. Perhaps my tears enhanced the light experience.

  44. When my son passed away from cancer, he had been un responsive for several hours before he spoke saying he was sorry for something that happenned earlier.I had assured him it was ok and I was sorry. He said nothing more until less than an hour before he was gone, he said quite loud “Bye”.

  45. I am an attorney, and many of my estate planning clients have related Out of Body experiences (OBEs), Near Death experiences (NDEs) and End of life dreams and visions (ELDVs) to me. However, the experience I want to share occurred when I was 8 years old. My mother received a phone call, started sobbing, ran to her room, and locked the door. After about two hours she had my Dad bring my brother and I to her bedroom where she sat down and told us that the caller on the phone had told her that one of her favorite cousins, Chole, had died. She said that Chole had cancer for the past 4 years and had suffered horrific pain for several years, but just before she died Chole became very peaceful and her dying words were, “Oh how beautiful. Look at the two worlds merge.” – and she was gone.

  46. I believe the dying are truly visited by those who have gone before them. One particular person that mattered most to me was my mother. She passed on in January 2000. My younger sister, Pat, was taking care of her in the hospital, after an operation. As Mum was not allowed to take any form of food or liquid unless she had farted (please excuse the language), she went hungry for 3 – 4 days and finally “left” us. She had asked my sister, “Who are those people? They keep coming in and out”, while looking up at the ceiling. My sister, who was there alone with her, definitely no one else around, asked her, “You do not know any of them?”. The answer was, “No”. Sometime later, when she awoke, she said, “Your father was here, and my mother and father, and sister, Mary, too”. Her mother died in 1965 or so, her father and her sister, Mary, a few years before, and our father died 11 months earlier. My sister advised her, ” Mom, do not be afraid. If Jesus calls you home, just follow him.” The next day as we gathered around her, she breathed her last, peacefully. May her soul rest in peace. During those few days on the hospital bed, my mother had talked about a vision where she saw, as though, there was a huge river to be crossed, and a brilliant light on the other side. She would describe how people (who have long passed away) came and went, beckoning her to follow them. She used to call out to her late mother to come and bring her along. These were retold to us, her family members, when our mother laid asleep on her hospital bed, and later on, on special occasions, my sister would recall how it all happened and these give us a hope that our mother, and all those who are no longer around, are still alive in the spirit, waiting for all of us, her children, to come home to them and to the Lord our God. Amen!

  47. I have been blessed to be at the bedside of several close family members and one dear, older friend. I’d like to tell you about one special Valentine’s Day; one I remember clearly. My sweet friend was struggling with every breath she took. I had run to see her during a break at work and she held tightly to my hand even though she had been asleep for two days. I knew she could tell it was me beside her and that she wanted me to stay with her. I told her I would come back and stay with her until her life ended but first I had to run to the hospital where I had been invited to witness the birth of one of my grand daughters. I couldn’t help but contemplate the doors that were opening as one beautiful spirit entered their brand new body and another beautiful spirit exited hers. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of joy that is hard to describe as I knew that someone from the other side would accompany the person as far as they could go and that there would be people there to assist. The birth was beautiful. I held this darling little girl and told her how much I loved her and then I hurried back to the side of my friend who had apparently been quite agitated while I was gone. I sat beside her and she breathed on with difficult, huge raspy swooshes of air. All of a sudden she opened her eyes wide and looked over my head and behind me and said, “Oh my goodness! It’s you!” Her smile was radiant and filled with awe. I didn’t dare turn to look behind me because I didn’t want to disturb my friend and end her experience. After a few minutes she went back to sleep and didn’t wake up again. Later in the afternoon she passed as I told her a story from her own history about following a stranger’s footprints through deep snow so she could get to work. I think she had been agitated about dying because she was always a little worried about new adventures. As I told her the story I told her to follow this footsteps again and that she would be happy. I told her how white and sparkly the snow was, how it glistened in the afternoon sun. Then her breathing slowed and her face relaxed and she died with a smile on her face and a tear of what I can only describe as joy and awe trickled down her cheek. I put my head on the bed beside her and wept … not because she had passed away, but because I had been the one she chose to have at her side when it happened. She trusted me with this sacred responsibility. As I sat there beside her after she had passed I pictured being there with her and then came the time she went on alone but there were loved ones there with wide open arms … and the Savior was there. I pictured this in my mind as I had pictured in my mind the baby being brought by someone who loved her and they had to leave her to finish coming alone. It was the sweetest, most spiritual day for me and as I write about it I still get tears of gratitude for that day. So to someone who doesn’t believe I suppose they would say “there is no proof”, but to me I know I was very close to the Savior that day and I know there is life before we are born and after death. I’ve always believed this, but my experiences with people as they passed away have assured me personally that this is so.

  48. I myself did not have a near death experience. However, I myself was very alive and well during my spiritual experience. I was in my home, alone one Friday. As I walked around and then, through the living room, I was just slowed down then sat down on the couch. Such a feeling came over me. I looked directly across the room and a photo of the 5 of us, my brothers and sisters. I heard him tell me, I’m OK. I’m OK. he had his soft smile and happy face in my mind. I just, felt him so clearly. What a beautiful, serene, peaceful HAPPY feeling he had. I was happy, but not, at the same time. I then went to the bowling alley where my boyfriend was bowling Friday’s in a league. While there, my sister came driving up and went in to get me. She had to let me know that my brother had died. I was not surprised. He was the one holding me as an infant, in that picture too. the ONLY picture of this type of me as a baby. I knew. Mind you, there was nothing wrong with my brother that would ever lead me to think he would die. Nothing. this was not an expected thing. But he let me know, I’m fine….I am OK. God love him. there is a spiritual side. For sure.

  49. Just days before my dad passed away, my step-mother told me that she had stepped into another room during a tv commerical break and when she came back in my dad had tears streaming down his face. He told her that as a song was playing in a commercial(something about being home in time for dinner), his foster mother suddenly appeared before him and smiled at him. We all had a sense then that he did not have much time left on this earth and he drew great comfort from her visit.

  50. On the day my mother passed, I visited her in the early afternoon, not knowing this day would be her last. She was alert and spoke a bit, though in a weakened state. When I was leaving to go out for lunch I told her I’d be back in awhile. She said, “Don’t be late!” When I got back about two hours later she was much worse and had been hooked up to a heart monitor, feeding tube, and oxygen. I was only in the room for a few minutes when she started staring at the end of the bed and pointing. She did this repeatedly until she seemed very agitated that I could not understand what she wanted. I left the room and brought back a pad of paper and pen. She wrote, “Ask Eddy what I should do next.” I thought Eddy might have been a tech who had come in to adjust the equipment she was hooked up to. I asked the nurses who Eddy was and they did not know anyone by that name. I hugged my mother and told her I loved her, still confused about Eddy. I left the room to ask waiting family members if they knew of an Eddy who may have visited, but there had been no one by that name. Within a half hour of my return to the hospital, she coded and died. I was glad I wasn’t late! My brother got up early the next morning, determined to go back to the hospital and solve the mystery of Eddy. As he was going down the stairs, a woman who lived below him opened the door to offer a gift of two ceramic angels for my mother. This gift was very significant because for the last year of my mother’s life, she was obsessed with angels, buying anything “angel” as gifts or for herself. My brother didn’t know much about the woman, but had shared in passing that my mother was ill. When he told her mom passed, she said to keep the angels and invited him in. He saw a shelf of old family pictures and asked about them. She named everyone, but skipped a photo of a young boy. My brother asked who it was and she replied, “Oh, that’s Eddy, my angel. He was hit by a car when he was six. He came to me a month after he died and stood at the end of the bed to tell me he was alright. I never told anyone for fear they would think I was crazy.” I told my brother to invite the woman to the viewing. She arrived bearing Eddy’s funeral prayer card. On one side was a picture of a guardian angel with two children – one blond and one brunette, just like my brother and I and also like the two ceramic angels the woman gave us. On the other side was Eddy’s birth and death dates. He died on my birthday, exactly ten years before my birth. We concluded that Eddy had served as a guide to lead my mom to the spirit world. To me this speaks to the idea that we are all one and it doesn’t matter if the people who greet us on the other side were family on the mortal plane. We are all family!

  51. I, along with several other family members, was with my grandmother when she passed away. She was conscious until the last few seconds. She was describing things she was seeing. Then she said, “I see Lily.”

    I asked my aunt who Lily was. My aunt replied that it was grandma’s sister that had fallen into a fire when she was little and died shortly after that. My aunt said, “Lily has been dead for years. Your grandma is just out of her head.”

    I was in my early 20s, but I have never forgotten this powerful event. I have learned that many believe this is common for a dying person. I believe it too.

    My mother told me of a near death experience she had when in a hospital. She said she was near the ceiling and saw the hospital staff working to restart her heart. She also “moved toward a light.” She told me sheer saw her mother, “I seen mommy and she was beautiful.” She said that she reached out to her mother but her mother said,” No Kitty, it is not your time yet.” My mother then said she was back in her body.

    So my grandmother was involved in both of these stories.

  52. My husband was sick for almost 5 years, before he died. The last 3 months he was alive he was rarely conscious. The day before he died. he looked at me and said where are Chuck and Jimmy? I asked him who and he said it again. I then told him that his stepfather and brother were in Heaven, waiting for him. He told me that wasn’t right. He said they had eaten with us yesterday. He insisted on it. So, I knew, from past experience, he was getting close to death.

    My 91 year old Mother has had several surgeries over the years and almost didn’t wake up afterwards, each time. And, each time, she had near death experiences. I do believe they do happen.

  53. Interesting reading this. I absolutely do believe that there are visitations made at the time of dying. We serve a kind God, so it makes sense. When my Grandfather was dying, the family was gathered together around his bed. He had been semi-conscious for some time, but suddenly woke and said “MAGGIE” in a voice full of emotion (unlike him as he was an old Scotsman who didn’t “do” emotion). Maggie was his wife who has passed away in 1961. He died soon after. My father passed away in 2007 and prior to that he was beckoning to someone in the corner of the room to come closer. I think that our God eases the fear of dying for His people, anyway, by sending those we loved back to accompany us.

  54. My mother was in a nursing home with Dementia. Towards the end she would tell us of visits that she had from her sisters, who had already passed before her.
    MY brother-in-law was at home with cancer (there was nothing more they could do for him and he didn’t want to stay in a hospital). He kept seeing people in his living room, One of them was a young boy on a bike. I’d like to believe it was my brother who died before I was born.

  55. My father had already died once for fifteen minutes from a heart attack. The paramedics revived him, and he lived for another 12 years. Though hesitant to admit he experienced the light and the tunnel reported by others, he eventually told the family what he had seen at the end of the tunnel. He said he saw the feet of a man wearing sandals and a white garment that stopped at his ankles. He did not see the man’s face but always thought he had been in the presence of Jesus. Years later, having had numerous other episodes of heart problems, he was sent to a nursing home tor physical therapy and recuperation. Within 24 hours he was once again on the verge of death.
    My brother was sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, and my father clearly said, “They’re here.” My brother looked around the room thinking medical staff had come in. When he didn’t see anyone he asked my father who was “here”. My father then named his cousin who had been killed as a young boy when his sled hit a tree as well as three other people who had been close to my father in his youth. Within minutes, Dad died.

  56. WE went to visit my husband’s aunt in the hospital who was dying of cancer. (My husband’s mom passed away 4 years prior… her sister) We walked in the room and saw his mom’s face perfectly, she giggled and talked just like his mom; not his aunt at all. The next day we were on our way home and stopped in the hospital to see his aunt again before we left. This time it was his aunt; face, giggle and all. It was the most humbling thing.

  57. My brother, 39, passed away nearly 11 months ago from a brain hemorrhage. My mom, 65, died 4 weeks after. During my mother’s last days she would talk about seeing her mom, dad, and finally my brother standing in front of her. That same night she suffered several back to back seizures and then died. They had a special bond because he was the baby and he took care of her. I know God did not want for them to suffer so he took them but it’s going to be a year and I continue to write to them every morning at 3 am.

  58. my mom passed away aug,15 2015…..she was at the end stage of copd……i was with her day and night, minute by minute, second by second, hour by hour, i never left her side. she had been in and out the hospital for reccurrent co2 and phenmonia, she was on full time oxygen. she couldnt walk to steps with out running out of breathe….. she fought and she fought, she was on lifee support 5 times, she was admitted in a nursery home for physical therapy… she had a breathing attack her oxygen dropped her co2 raised up.. they rushed her to kingwood hospital and put her on life support again…. she came off life support a weak later, she fought and never gave up…. the doctors decided to put her in hospice…..they told us she had 2 months to live……. my mom had got a bed sore on her tail bone which caused a bad infection, it was a bed sore at stage 4….which never healed and made her condition worse… the doctor came in and told me she had a week to live…my mom told me, stephanie i dont want to die alone, i said mom your not going to die your going to beat this,,,,anyone the weak began to get short my mom began to get weaker and weaker and short of breath… she began to tell me stephanie im sorry for anything that i have done wrong.. i love all my kids… then she told me, stephanie no matter what anyone says about you, you have always been their for me and i thank you and love you for that…… well the next day she was so hungry because the doctors wouldnt let her eat or drink because if she did she would asperate. she begged me to feed her and get her something to drink…. i beggged the doctors i said my moms starving she wants to eat…. the doctors said they could purate her food but it would be up to me to feed her because she could asperate and choke……..anyhow i did my mom was begging me for coffee she loved her coffee…so i gave her little sips of coffe…. the next day my sisters came to vist her and other family members,,,they spent time with her anyhow my mom asked my aunt she said barbara i seen momma. my mom seen her mom and my grandmother passed away in 2000. then my sister went to spend time with my mom and my mom said its time and my mom kept pointing at the wall….. i guess she seen her mom or husband… so my sister left the room and i went back in and sat with my mom…. and my mom started hitting her chest and hitting her bed…trying to get my attention… she couldnt talk. i thought she wanted more cofee to drink… i told her mom i cant keep giving you cofee i dont want you to choke…. my mom began to get angry. i told hher mom im going to go down stairs and check on my car and when i come back up i will give you a drink of coffee….. well when i went back in her room it was too late my mom fell unconscience and went under, my mother was trying to tell me she was choking and i ignored her, i couldnt even tell her good byed i have too live with this everyday…. anyhow the doctor shot her up with morphine me and my sisters stayed the night and watched them shoot her up with morphine…my mothers heart was still beating she was still fighting… i fell asleep and the nurses woke me up at 7 am and said its over, your mother passed…….. the nurse gave me a hug and said i have to hug you because you have bben by her side thru it all……. anyhow 2 hours after my mom passed i left the hospital and my car broke down, my bumper even fell off,,,,, i guess my mom was mad at me because i went to check on my car and didnt pay attention to her… thats why my car broke down after she passed….. anyhow after her funeral the next day i was at her house on the front porch talking on the phone…. i felt someone looking at me i turn around look through the front door inside the house… my mother was standing their looking at me… she looked so much at peace.. she didnt have no oxygen on or anything she was standing firm and still…..i freaked out i turned around hung up the phone glanced back four times and she was still standing their starring at me…. i finally opened the door as soon as i stepped a foot inside the livingroom she disappeared. i sat on the couch i froze i didnt move for a hour eventually i fell asleep and when i woke up i felt calm and relaxed….. i moved out of my moms house and i hadent seen her anymore… :{ i miss her so much…. she was my best friend.. i always try and look for signs of her and i always talk to her hoping she hears me….. everyone please pay attention to your love one, you never no when its their time to go…. Rest in peace sharon elizabeth white……. i love you mom…. fly high with the angels……your always in my thoughts and heart….

  59. Yes I do think they visit when “the time is near” but I also think they visit every so often to. I remember when my grandma was dying of kidney failure she should tell me of her dreams.
    In these dreams she would be talking to my grandpa, and my two uncles who had passed many years before. Then she told be she seen my dog Spunky who met with a very tragic death in 1997 and Jesus was there too they all said it was her time. I asked her when it was my time if she’d bring Spunky with her so we could enter together.

    When our dog King died of old age I would see him in my dreams in the first ones he was old (he was 13) and in those dreams all I did was hug him, cry, and tell him I loved him. In the later ones he was young and his tail was wagging, in the last one he let me know it was ok to move on.

  60. When my grandad passed away he said my wife’s coming soon she visited earlier and she’s coming back for me. He died that night. Also when my 5year. Daughter saw her 3 year old brother die I had been in the chapel of rest with him alone and said some personal things…later when I picked up my daughter she told me that Dallas had visited her at school in the click room and told her that mummy said I have been painting your bedroom sunshine yellow because you are the son that shines..that is exactly what I told my dead son the same day in the morgue…I have never said them comments to anyone I just went straight from the morgue to the school and that’s the first thing his sister said..she went on to tell me loads of stuff that I’d done while she was at school and said exactly what had happened when she was not there…she just said Dallas had come to tell her

  61. As a retired Hospice RN, I say yes. When families would say that Jennie is talking to aunt Rose, who has been dead for 10 years, so she must be hallucinating, I finally began to say, well she is talking with aunt Rose. I call them the “welcoming committee. “Those we have loved and been close to in life, seem to gather to beckon the dying across, and reassure them all will be fine. After a while I just assumed there were lots of folks “spirits” in the room waiting for their loved one. Families seemed to take comfort and be reassured by this knowledge. They were less afraid for the one dying and more accepting of their passing themselves.

  62. My husband died in 2004. He was not sick he had been very tired for months and refused to go to the Dr. He passed away at 7:40am. The night before in the wee hours of the night we sat up. Both unable to sleep. Neither of us knowing he would have a massive heart attack the next morning. He couldn’t sleep and said he could not sleep because he was hearing voices in hospital head. He said they would not leave him alone. I thought this was bizzare coming from him. I ask what the voices were saying. He said as he grabbed his ears he could not make out what they were saying. He said it sounded like hundreds of voices whispering all at once. I found this odd to say the least. I ask who he thought it was and he said he heard music also and wished he knew who it was talking. We finally went back to bed. He woke up for work in a few hours and within 10 minutes fell over dead of a heart attack. It has always bothered me. I wonder was the voices people that had passed before him and he was dying from heart damage that we were unaware of and his body was dying and he heard these voices calling him home.

  63. This week it was about Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon
    I was on my way to the register. Before reaching the check area I saw, talked to,and embraced and woman that I knew only from the community.
    Days later I mentioned that I saw here to someone that knew her a lot better than I.
    Only for the person to say to me that I couldn’t have seen her because she’s been in the hospital for days expected to die soon.
    I’d categorize that as something phenomenal.

  64. Richard, I worked with you years ago at Five Star Speakers and Trainers in Kansas City when Nancy owned it. This website has been a blessing because my brother is dying with COPD, and I think he is very near. but afraid. He hasn’t slept in 3 days now, because he is afraid if he falls asleep, he will not wake up, and I have been trying to convey to him that it is nothing to be afraid of. These stories have helped me put together several incidents for him, so maybe he can relax, and allow nature to take it’s course.

  65. My grandfather died of a heart attack. He was working in the garden and came up to the house to say he didn’t feel well. He was feeling his left arm and said it was tingling. A few moments later, right as he was having the heart attack, his eyes glazed over and he said with a smile “Dad?” And then dropped down to the ground, presumably dead. This has given me hope that our loved ones help us move on to the afterlife. My father said that this brings him comfort that his grandfather visited his father, just as he hopes his father visits him one day. For some reason, this brings me hope, too, because quite frankly, death scares me.

  66. In 1984, my non-LDS father, always fearful of death and hating hospitals, had been dying of cancer. When I got home from a business trip, my mother called and summoned me to the hospital. My dad had for two days been in a coma, and was expected to pass at any time. I raced to the hospital. My dad was lying in his bed with his head partially raised, still unconscious. My mother and I and one friend of my mother’s were the only people in the quiet room. I had not been in the hospital room for more than 60 seconds when my dad unexpectedly opened his eyes. Despite the words of my mother to him, my father said nothing. In fact, he didn’t even look at or acknowledge my mother or me or mom’s friend. What he did was slowly turn his head from side to side. Slowly looking around the room. Slowly staring at “things” in the room that the three of us did not see! The expression on his face could only be described as one of calm wonder. He then closed his eyes. And flatlined. He was gone. It literally all happened within 3 minutes of me walking into the hospital room. To the day I myself die, I will be 100% convinced of four things: my father absolutely saw people in that hospital room that we did not see; they were there to help my father in his moment of transition; God’s great gift to me was letting me experience the event — arriving earlier or even seconds later and I would have missed it; and I will never fear death.

  67. Just before my wifedied in 2014, my daughter was with her when she said she saw three people my daughter asked who they were and she siad it was her mother, her maiden aunt who helped raise her and our daughter who was killed at age two and she was now an adult standing by the side of the other two.

  68. I enjoy reading the article” Are the dying visited by the dead? ” , not because it was written by a friend, Richard Paul Evans, but because I really believe the dying are visited by the dead. I read all the comments, and I believe they are all true.

    Before my younger brother died, he told me his spirit went out of his body, and he looked at his body and asked ” Is that me? ”

    One time I missed my younger brother a lot, then he appeared in my dream, very clear, he was young, handsome and healthy, he said he wanted to go visit his friends. I knew he came to comfort me. He didn’t want to say he especially came to comfort me.

    Since all my family have passed away, I am interested in knowing what they are doing or anything about the dead come back to the earth.

  69. The “Death nurse” that attended my mother at the time of her death (she died at home) and she told me that she had had this job for about 20 years and she started to tell me of many times she saw angels come to take up people at their death (many times they were recognized loved ones previously passed from the families or loved one.) and even at times she and the others even saw them and several times she said that even Jesus personally came to escort the spirit of the persons .. she said that sometimes it was just the person dying that let you know they were seeing them.. but at times a couple of others in the room along with the person dying saw them… and then several times she said that her and everyone present in the room were blessed to see and experience these angels coming to escort them into the next life … Not just a scientific phenomena that the brain comes up with as many atheist doctors or scientists would desire for you to believe… Not when others are also experiencing them…

  70. I’m twelve and last night I slept at my grandmas she woke up at 2 and talked and talked about whatever at one point she told who ever she was talking to me and my siblings names. She at one point said my brother who has past many years ago so many years ago that I never met him. I sat up and listened to what she was saying there was a lot of hmm yeah and ok. Around 4 she put her hand in the air and said go to sleep close your eyes go ahead close um. I got scared and went to a different room were my dad was at the time it was 4 I fell asleep but my dad heard her talk till 6 and when the sun came up she stopped i truly believe she was talking to her loved ones who had past away and is getting ready to head up to heaven. She suffers every day and I’m glad she might soon not have to struggle every day

  71. October 2016….My 88 year old mother was slowly failing and we placed her in hospice care. Upon entering …the nurses prepped her, ask us to leave and come back in 15 minutes, my father and I got a cup of coffe and upon returning…my mom said to me” get that little girl she’s going through the doorway….” I turned and we saw no one there…the nurse replied “ angel visits by children are common here..” two days later my father and I sat with her…I asked my Dad to let her know it’s ok to go……he leaned down and quietly spoke those words and professed his love for her…she took one quiet breath and was gone. Thankful for hospice and grateful for a loving God, who promised to never leave us.

  72. I was in a car accident in Tampa Florida about a month after my mom died 10 years ago. I was in a coma for a week. When I came to, I was told that a Paramedic said that I told him My mom was there.

  73. My Mother had COPD for many years, she was in and out of the hospital year after year to treat her recurring problems with this. One evening she was rushed to the hospital for congestive heart failure. The Dr at the hospital said she had a virus that she would not pull through. I went home this was on a wed night. I myself sitting up in my bed at home seen in a vision…. my mothers room, i seen her in the bed. Beside her was my grandmother back by the window my grandfather set by the nurses station window and my aunt and uncle her only siblings were sitting there as if they were waiting on her. where the tv was on the wall i could see a man floating in the air covering the entire tv. I could only assume it had to be jesus. The next evening my mother passed. I also seen many images of people i could not see in detail just the out line. it was the strangest thing i ever encountered but thats what i seen. my mother has been gone 4 years this month.

  74. I love these stories……what deflates me is the people that say when they died for a bit, they didn’t see anything. This gives me hope as I, too, am afraid.

  75. My grandfather was being taken care of at home by his daughter and her husband during his final months battling cancer. He was in and out of comas for a week before his death and breathing very shallowly. My aunt said just minutes before his death he suddenly got a surge of energy and sat up to stare at the picture of Jesus he always had in front of him in the bedroom of every place he’s ever lived in. He kept pointing toward it and staring, wide eyed. He was mumbling something but wouldn’t answer my aunt when she asked who he saw. She said he seemed almost to be speaking in tongues to another person invisible to others and he also was moving his hands in a motion as if he was opening and paging through a book.

    My aunt leaned in closer and asked him again what he was doing and he turned away from her as if she was an annoyance or disruption of the moment he was having. The oddest part was the old dog they had living with them who could barely walk, walked into the room, looked in the exact spot my grandfather was pointing at and then high-tailed it at top speed back out of the room!

    This account was told by the witnesses who are self-proclaimed atheists, by the way. I’m sure they are believers now!

  76. During the last few days of my grandfather’s life he had numerous conversations with individuals who weren’t, well, there in the physical sense. He had lost the ability to speak but he was still lucid and would respond to our questions quite adequately with head nods and hand squeezes. But without fail after we were done talking to him he would go back into his conversations with whomever he was seeing. After witnessing it first-hand there is no one that can convince me that he wasn’t living in both the physical and spiritual realms during those last hours.

  77. Hello, my father recently and unexpectedly passed at 73 years old no dementia! A week or two prior to this Unexpected death he claims to have been seeing his mother and brother which are both deceased were they coming to get him?

  78. In my grandmas last days she would say its time to go… Please take me home.. I explained to her i simply could not take her home..ahe would say mommas calling me i have to go.. She would mimic putting on a bonnet, ahe was the oldest of 11 children when 4 of her sosters cime ti visit she was so happy and more energetic than she had been in weeks.. She was so happy while they were there and as they left she sobbed and wanted to lay down.. She didnt not get out of bed after that and a few days later as the end of her life began i sat with her holding her hand and telling her things i remembered as a child about this very home and her and my peapaw… (Only home they ever lived in) as ahe lay there so beautiful and peaceful and drew her last breath i saw my peapaw (boots blue jeans belt buckle white ahirt tucked neatly in his wasteband (never seen his face)and his hand reached out to her and i heard his voice like he standing next to me… He said “come on mom” …. That was the most emotional day ive ever lived to see… And just like that she they were gone. Her momma visited her daily in the last few days.. She spoke of her sister who had passed at a young age and she carried full conversations with me about her childhood … A few days later i found a bag of letters postmarked 1941.. It is love letters between her and my grandpa… Love like that only exist in fairy tales… The love of her life passed 11 years before her … I imagined him listening to the song waiting ona woman.. I moved into thier home a month later and i smell her almost daily as for my grandfather only once since the day she passed.. And 8 months later im still dinding her blood pressure pills ahe hated so much.. I wonder if she ever took any of them as many as ive found.. (Miss her so much) thanks for reading.. Havent been able to tell anyone this … But my sister was there that day… And didnt see or hear him but i made it clear to her as soon as i seen him he was there for her.

  79. I had never heard of elderly people seeing those that have passed on. I discovered this quite by accident. My 88 year old mother has dementia. I began to notice she only spoke of visitations from those who were close to her that had passed away, her brother, sister, husband, etc. She has mentioned things none of us knew prior to these relatives passing but I have since verified with their children. However, recently my nephew committed suicide. Given my mother’s condition, we elected not to tell her. The week my nephew passed away my Mother began waking up calling for him, saying he was in pain, and was that he was worried and had to get to his children. She said his father needed help (which he does). She hadn’t spoken of him, not once, in the year preceding his death. This week she told me that he was cold and that he wants his children back. My Mother is in good health, otherwise, and I don’t feel she is near passing. These revelations have startled me but I do feel she is in touch with another dimension.

  80. The morning that my mother in law died, my father-in-law, who is in and out of it due to memory drugs, saw three dead people that he knew. He was just about to tell us when he fell asleep again.

  81. I don’t know how to start because this is so recent for me and so hard so I will start by saying HI my name is Kevin. y brother passed away on 7/11/2019 just about 2 weeks ago. I also wanted to say I miss him so much. He was a hospice patient at home with my mom, dad and myself. I’ve read many stories that are interesting and unique. But I haven’t read anything like my mom witnessed about a couple of weeks before my brother passed. Before I talk about what my mom saw I want to confirm that my brother was talking to someone a few times and we use to ask him “Dan” my brother Who are you talking too? He would never respond with an actual answer, we also would ask them are they good people? nice people? Still no respond. My brother would just look out into the distance with a small smile. I really just thought his condition is what was making him smile. And then my mom witnessed something, while passing by my brothers room to check on him she saw a figure bending over all dressed in tight black clothing. she described this figure was covered she could not see hands or a face but it was bending down next to my brothers ear. For a brief second she felt like it was maybe saying something to my brother. This all happened for about a few seconds as my mom said she was focusing harder it started to stand up quickly and disappeared like if it knew my mom saw it. My mom told me about this actually the next day in the morning after she witnessed, it she said. I told her no way! we went in the room with my brother that morning and the energy was unbelievable. You could see the hairs standing up on our arms and goose bumps. I cant explain the feeling because ive never felt that. My mom believes it was a bad spirit and since she is a mother she can push away those spirits. My mom is religious and she would never lie about something like this, I thought maybe it was handling my brothers medications for so long without gloves maybe made her ilusinate but I don’t think so. And she tells me Kevin I saw what I saw. Well my brother passed away a couple of weeks later. the last couple of days I believe my brother was transitioning per hospice team. The nurse was there at the time my brother passed, and Right before he passed I gave him a dose of Morphine. I noticed right before I left to go outside in the back yard his eyes were wide open more than I have seen him all the time he was in hospice like he had no more pain and was just looking at something. I didn’t think of much just wasent sure. I came back and the nurse that was there with us at the time met me half way to my brother, and told me He passed right now. My dad was in the room when he passed and he said that his eyes were open and looking at something then he just kinda faded out and his head rested to the side. Please reach out to me if you have ever heard of what my mom saw please. thanks
    Dan I miss you soo much. Thank for being my brother

  82. My grandmother claimed that she had seen dying persons appear in her apartment. This was during the 1920s. They had no telephone at that time.
    She was very annoyed about these things and wanted them to stop, as they lasted for hours and in the most odd places, for instance behind a radiator or on a table.
    “Surely they cant be standing at such a place” she stated to my father, then in his early teens. The persons she had seen all later proved to be dying/dead when these incidents happened. My grandmother shrugged her shoulders, got on with life and did not give these incidents much attention later in life.

  83. When I was 17 I attempted to take my life a few times, on my last attempt I think I was almost successful because I was in hospital when I had a visitation from my late Uncle. I remember lying in the bed hearing two nurses one male and one female behind me talking, the female nurse must have been a trainee because she was asking why they couldn’t just give me the charcoal to drink, the male nurse explained to her that they can not force someone to do something against their will. I remember being glad about this because I really had decided I wanted to leave this earthly existence and I felt at peace with death. I then remember a voice coming from nowhere at the right of me above me, just above my head which said my name. I looked but there was nobody there, the voice spoke again, the voice called me by my name and explained he was my (late) uncle, he said “I can not let you go” I told him I wanted to go, he explained that my mum would be so upset. We didn’t have a good relationship so I told him she wouldn’t as she doesn’t care about me. I then heard the female nurse say to the male nurse who is she talking to and I heard him reply, when people are close to death, it’s said they are visited by a relative who has died, so she may be close to passing. The voice, my uncle, said again, I can’t let you go. I asked why and he said that I had a very important job to do in this life. I asked him what that was, he was about to tell me when he was stopped from telling me and called back by another voice I could not see. He said I have to go now, you are now going to let the nurse help you, turn your head and tell them you want them to help you, so I turned my head and opened my mouth for the charcoal (I think my verbal communication had started to become incoherent due to all the tablets I had taken). The male nurse saw me and asked do you want me to help you, do you want to take the charcoal? I nodded. As I was being wheeled away on the trolley by more nursing staff the male nurse asked me did someone come from the other side to speak to you, I nodded and managed to murmur my uncle, but it must have been incoherent because he asked me to repeat, I repeated my uncle and he said has your Uncle died/passed over and I nodded yes. I was then wheeled away and given the charcoal. I’m 42 now and I have mixed feelings about that day. I’m a spiritual person and have always believed in the afterlife, I believe we are spiritual beings here to have a human experience and to learn lessons of what it’s like to be human. I’ve never enjoyed being here in the human life and wish I had been able to pass over that day, I’m not depressed I just hate what humans are; greedy, violent, destructive, self absorbed, hateful, revengeful, deceitful, selfish, aggressive, some even evil. None of these horrible traits exist on the other side. Yes I feel guilty for wishing I had passed back then when I know there are so many people who want this human life but it’s taken away from them early-if I could trade with any of them, I would in a second, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. I find comfort in having proof that we are being watched over by guardian angels and that there IS life after death. I came to the conclusion that we are here on this earth for a reason like my Uncle said and that we are all born with a purpose and a date of when we will die and that out Guardian angels will try and prevent us from changing that destiny. I do feel burdened with having to live longer on this Earth than I ever wanted, but have accepted that I can only pass over to the other side when it’s my time. Although human life on Earth feels like a burden, I try to look for and find the important job I’m supposed to do here-the reason that my late Uncle said he couldn’t let me pass over to the other side. I feel it’s to bring healing to children, but it’s trying to find a way of working with children that doesn’t involve copious amounts of paperwork which makes me unhappy and stressed. When my time comes I know I’ll be greeted by my Uncle and possibly other relatives who have passed over and I know on the other side there is only peace, love and happiness

  84. My dad called me one morning and told me that he had awakened that morning by his sister Rosie calling his name. He new he wasn’t dreaming because it jolted him out of bed. His sister Rose had been gone for probably about 3 or 4 years. My dad had 10 siblings and was probably closest to her. We just laughed about his experience. My dad died 2 weeks later, unexpectedly. Also, as my mom lay dying in an assisted living facility, I was there with her and she kept reaching her hand to the air saying Daddy, over and over. She hadn’t been coherent for 2 days prior. I thought, of course it would be her dad, she wasn’t a huge fan of her mom while she was here on earth. Her dad was a sweet, wonderful man and I was so happy he was there to take her to the next place.

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