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Have you ever had a spiritual vision?

There are two men at a BYU – Notre Dame football game. One man said to the other, “Could you please sit down, you’re blocking my vision.” The other man replied, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were having one.”

Do you believe in “visions”? Have you ever had one? We live in a world that’s skeptical about spiritual gifts, yet I can’t deny my own experiences. I would be lying if I did.

The idea for this blog came to me because of an experience I had this week. I ran into a woman I haven’t seen for nearly twenty years. What was most peculiar about the experience is that I had just been talking about her to a group of nearly two hundred people.

After my talk she came up to me, told me who she was, then said, “I can’t believe you remember our miracle from twenty years ago.”

There’s no way I could have forgotten. The miracle she’s talking about is a vision I had in her presence.

The dictionary defines a vision as: … something seen in a dream, trance or religious ecstasy, especially a supernatural appearance that usually conveys a revelation.

The visions I’ve experienced came in none of those circumstances, but in active, real-life settings. I’ve had two experiences in my life that I would classify as visions. I find it intriguing that one of them had nothing to do with “spiritual” matters, but much to do with my personal well being–as if someone or something was looking out for me.

The first happened when I was in my mid-twenties. At the time I owned a struggling clay animation company called ClayMagic Productions and we’d procured our first large client, Dentsu Advertising out of Tokyo, who had asked us to create a television commercial for one of the largest food companies in Japan. We had spent weeks building a set for the commercial but I didn’t know how to create the actual animation the client had requested–a group of “angel pies” (A popular Japanese treat that resembles a Moon Pie) holding hands and dancing, then jumping into the air. I had no idea how to make this happen without visible supports

One afternoon, as the deadline loomed, my production manager walked into my office. “We need to start shooting the dancing scene tomorrow morning, he said. “Did you figure out how to do the animation?”

I shook my head. “Not yet.”

“We don’t have much time left,” he said anxiously, then left my office.

Not knowing what to do I began to pray. That’s when I had a vision. I saw, very clearly an oddly shaped frame to hold the figurines while we animated them. I quickly sketched out what I saw in my vision then walked out and gave the plans to my production manager. “Make this.”

He looked at my drawing then said, “Where did you get this?”

“I’m not sure,” I said. “But let’s try it.”

Following my sketched plans my producer built the device. After he set up the camera to shoot the scene he came back into my office. “That thing you designed is genius,” he said. “Every time one of the supports is about to come into view, one of the characters moves in front of it to conceal it. It’s brilliant.”

Brilliant indeed. I didn’t even know if it would work.

My second vision concerned the woman I mentioned earlier. The first book I wrote was The Christmas Box, a #1 international bestseller. At the heart of the story is a woman grieving her deceased child at the base of an angel statue. The angel statue I write about actually exists in the downtown Salt Lake City cemetery. People come from all over the world to see it, leaving notes, flowers and toys at the statue’s base. On one occasion I was visiting the angel statue when I noticed a home-made Easter card. I read it.


My sweet little girl,

I hope there are Easter dresses where you are.

Love, Mommy

I was moved by the card and took it home with me. About six months later I gave a talk about grief and hope to more than five hundred people in a nearby city. After my talk a woman approached me. “Your talk really helped,” she said. “My daughter lost her little girl earlier this year and we’re both grateful for the hope you shared with us. She wanted to thank you but she’s having a hard time.”

I looked over to see a young woman looking toward us, her eyes swollen from crying. “Let me talk to her,” I said.

I walked over to the young woman and for several moments I just held her while she cried. After we parted she said to me, “Mr. Evans, I’ve been to your angel statue in Salt Lake City.”

At that moment I had the vision. I saw, very clearly, the Easter card I had taken home.

“I know,” I said. “You left a card for your daughter that said you hoped there are Easter dresses where she is.”

The women both stared at me in amazement. Then the young woman said, “How did you know that?”

“I just saw it,” I said. “I had a vision.”

The women left with a new sense of hope in the miracle we’d experienced. Seeing the woman again after all these years was a powerful reminder to me, not only of that experience, but that there is more to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in the world’s transitory philosophies. I’m just curious about how frequent these experiences really are.


Please Share. Richard Paul Evans is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty books. His latest book, THE MISTLETOE INN, is currently a New York Times bestseller and is now on sale. You may order your copies now at Amazon, at a discount, by clicking this link. THE MISTLETOE INN

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  1. I had several while recuperating from brain tumor surgery. Let’s go to lunch and I’ll tell you about them.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have had several visions. One was when I was getting a well put in so I could have running water to my mountain cabin. I was about broke with only this one chance. The drillers were there and I said a short prayer. I saw Jesus standing and pointing. Then I saw under the ground where the water was bubbling and running like a river. I said drill over there beside that laurel bush. Sure enough, we hit an abundance of water in just 20 or 30 feet of drilling! Praise the Lord!

  3. hello, and merry christmas to you and yours…….i also had a vision but only the one time…..January 1971, a teenager from san antonio, texas had to move with her mother and father to anchorage, alaska……..she had no idea how different alaska is from texas………after several hard months there, the teenager was crying to God and begged him to get her back to Texas…….it was the middle of the night and around the street lights was foggy mist but God showed His self to the teenager sensing to her that all would be well………it was then that she could sleep…….the Very next morning her father said yall ready to go back to Texas? and of course we said YAYAYAYAYAY and by August the teenager was back home in Texas.

  4. I have had similar experiences, only I don’t see a vision I just have a revelation in the form of profound thoughts in my mind that I know came from someplace beyond my earthly sphere. I believe in visions and revelation and answered prayers. I always feel humbled when I read of others that have those same types of experiences.

  5. Richard,

    You are truly a gift to all of us who read your books. I’ve been reading them for many years and also have recommended them to many others. I’ve even given a few away to people whom I thought would be blessed by them. It is so refreshing to read books that are greatly enjoyable, even enlightening and encouraging, while also clean and wholesome. This is so in contrast to the majority of books offered today. You are to be congratulated. Keep up the good work !

    1. I had this vision a few years after I graduated from high school. I had to be in my late teens/early 20’s. I was driving home from an event,it was dark with pouring rain. This made me nervous. All of a sudden, I had a vision of Jesus with His hands on my car right by the windshield. I knew I would be safe. This vision was a blessing. I still remember it and I’m now 60 years old.

  6. I too have lost a child and both my parents. I have had such a wonderful experinces after my daughter had passed away. she was 13 months old and was a teacher through her eyes and her touch. I know when she passed part of me left with her and I could feel her last breath as I was having a hard time breathing and felt as though someone has sucked the life out of me. I have so many experinces about this child. experinces with my mother and father and sometimes i so wonder if the veil is so thin i often wonder why me. I love reading your books and so touching. What a great talent you have and blessings you have and continue to have.
    thanks You Melinda.

  7. Richard,

    Sorry, I did not notice the subject heading above before sending my previous comment. While I’ve not had actual visions, I’ve had occasions when thoughts came to me that I knew were not my own thinking. An episode of this happened a few months ago. I believe that the thoughts were coming from the Lord, because of the nature of them. I tried to write them down, but could not really keep up, as they were coming lightning fast. Though I was being given much joy, it was also very draining, and I finally had to forcefully turn my thoughts elsewhere, just because of the strain and weariness from the intensity.

  8. My maternal grandmother was in her last days. I had a leadership session to facilitate in Las Vegas…I did not want to leave her side. She was my second Mother. I left reluctantly and delivered my session. During lunch a man in my class sat with me. Not knowing what I was going through he said, “You will be okay. We are praying for you and you need to know you will have a daughter someday.” How did he know my emotional state and that I was trying to have a baby? That night, I went to my hotel and sat in the sauna. I was all alone, closed my eyes and prayed my grandmother would wait for me. There were small white lights on the ceiling and I was drawn in…the light expanded in the room and I saw a vision of Christ with his palms up and hands reached out. The light engulfed me and I felt a peace and serenity I’ve never experienced. I knew it was what Heaven felt like. I didn’t want it to end. And then it did. I laid in bed that night and prayed my grandmother would wait for me until tomorrow. At 1:00am and the phone rang. My husband called telling me my grandmother had gone with God. As I cried, I knew the divine vision I saw and felt was God preparing me…preparing her. Right after her funeral I was on another plane to Sacramento, I only took the trip because I would see my paternal grandmother in Redding. She had been gravely ill and on oxygen. I sat on the couch and held her frail hand. I told her about my experience in Vegas and seeing Jesus. I told her what Heaven felt like. I told her it was okay to go and she would no longer be in pain. Three weeks later…she left us too. Ten months later, I became pregnant on August 2nd, this was her birthday. We have a beautiful daughter…Mirabella Rose. The man in my class was an angel when I needed one. I’ve only told that story to a handful of people. But if there was anywhere public to share …it would be here. Thank you Richard for inspiring me….for inspiring us all.

    1. I loved reading about your experiences with your grandmas. My son died at 39. He came back to me in visions at night and told me he loved me. It continued for a month. Then he came in other visions. A month later my husband died and he also sent me visions from him. God is so good and he gives us what we need. I truly believe they are with us. It’s such a comfort. God bless you. Rose

  9. I believe in vision. I have had several just before my husband passed away. One was of finding him in the morning dead on the kitchen floor. About a week later there he was and he had passed away right there. I don’t think I will ever forget that. It was my biggest fear at that time and when it happened I didn’t know what to think. I have all of your books and I have read them all. The first one I read was “The Christmas Box” and after that I was hooked. Thank you for being such a greater writer. Merry Christmas!

    My Grandson, John, joined the Marines after high school and one year of college. He was trained in San Diego, Ca., and was deployed to Afganistan. He was just 20 years old.
    The daily news and evening news was not good over in this foreign land where my grandson was fighting. Every day that I watched the news I felt like I had a lump in my throat and chest. NOW ABOUT THE CLOCK. My husband made an amazing Grandfather’s clock that I had in our living room. Shortly, after my husband died in l992, the clock stopped chiming on the hour. It still kept time but no more chimes, and hadn’t worked for about 2 years. One afternoon as I was watching the war news I was overcome with worry and started crying alone. The clock struck 3:00 when the news was on. The clock again stopped chiming until a few days later when it started chiming at 11:00 PM as I was watching the news again and crying, It chimed 11 times. I felt a great happiness and peace within myself, and the lump in my chest and throat was gone. I knew then and there my husband was telling me (by way of his clock) that he was watching over John and I didn’t need to worry about his safety and that he would come home safe. I didn’t experience a vision, just a feeling that all would be okay. John is now married and I have 2 beautiful great grandchildren. The clock continues to keep time and chiming.
    PS I just finished reading The Mistletoe Inn. You are the best author I have ever read. Enjoyed the Walk series as I live in Florida near the Keys. I have read all your books. Thank you

  11. Dear Mr. Evans,

    I have also had visions, and words coming into my mind. I lost my hearing in one ear, after a bad infection. The Specialist told me I would never hear from that ear again. Words came into my mind, that I would one day hear from that ear, and that did happen.

    We were visiting the graves of our parents, and asked about your angel monument. I was very touched by the cards, letters, and stuffed animals. We lived across the street from Mt. Olivet Cemetery when I was growing up. It reminded me of my walks through that cemetery, while I read the tombstones, and once in awhile I would find a letter from a child to a parent. It was very touching!

  12. Yes. I believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and that people can see visions and dream dreams as the Bible says. However, I never ever thought it could happen to me. But it has. The first time was almost 40 years ago. The second more recent. In between those times God has shown me things, but they are small, little things-I am sure because I cannot be trusted with bigger things. I am not a person with super high IQ or fantastic talents or imagination. I do try to love God with my whole heart. I fall short, but that is my goal in life, and I try to keep that “vision”.

  13. Richard, I have also read most of your books and have tried to build a small library with you books. They are good clean books, and I do appreciate that. I believe very strong on our Lord and Savior. I don’t know what I would do with out God in my life. I have had two experiences that really let me know that God was there for me. While working for this big oil company, my supervisor was giving me a very hard time. Nothing I did pleased him. One day, I walked into the ladies room and I heard very plainly “Shirley, do not worry, everything is going to be ok. It was a mans voice and I looked around thinking some man was in the ladies room. It turned out I was in there alone. I knew that God had given me the message that all was going to be ok. Two weeks later I was moved to a different job under different managers. God had answered my prayers. The other event happen one day when I was driving my husband, who was very ill, to Oklahoma City to see the special doctor there. My husband lay asleep while I drove the two hours. Down the road I saw a large white object by the side of the road and the closer I got to it I could see it was a large white bird. As I drove by it just sat there and watched me, it didn’t fly away, and I begin to sing to myself a song that says “He sends down his love on the wings of a Dove” I knew at once that God was telling me not to worry that all was going to be ok with what the doctor told us. Sure enough, We got to take our husband home and he lived for a few more years. God is a good God and sure takes care of us. Thanks Richard, for the good you do for the people today.

  14. My husband had been sick for quite awhile. Going from one doctor to another without a diagnosis, I had no idea how what the end result would be. One night as I was sleeping an angel appeared at the end of my bed and this is what I heard, “He will be fine.” As I sat up in bed the angel disappeared but I will never forget those words. We just celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary in November. And he is fine and I thank God everyday!! Blessings to you and your family!!

  15. I was introduced to The Christmas Box by a friend in Chandler, AZ after her little daughter had drowned in a shared swimming pool. Since then I have read all your books. I accidentally left one at my sister’s house. She read it and gave it to my Mom and she loved it,too! Since then I’ve loaned all the other books to her. For the last two years I’ve given her the Mistletoe books as a Christmas present. She is a very active 93 year old. I’m the only LDS member in my family, but I know she felt the Spirit by reading them. She also loves watching Hallmark movies instead of violence on TV! Thank you for writing books that I feel good about sharing!

  16. I did not have a vision where one sees things, but I have had many experiences with inspirations and answered prayers. Once I was asked to write and direct a road show for some youth. The circumstances were not the usual ones. The youth were Hmong whose grandparents had once lived in Laos, endured many hardships, and had immigrated to the U.S. Our youth group consisted of about 15 young men and 4 young women. The imbalance itself was a challenge, and I wanted to write something that would honor their heritage. When I sat down at my computer to write, suddenly the whole show just poured itself into my head. I felt very blessed and the show turned out perfectly.

  17. I have followed your career for many years, almost 20. I found the Christmas Box in a bargain bin walking through the old Ogden City Mall. My last name being Evans, my father’s middle name Richard, and his brother’s first name Paul, I thought an author with that name might be worth the read. I was worth it! I’ve shared literally hundreds of copies with those I thought it might touch as it has obviously touched me. The Christmas Box House helped my niece when I couldn’t …. You delivered the most moving and touching speech last Friday to a room full of people yet it was as if you were speaking to just me. You seemed to know everything I desperately needed to hear at the exact time I needed to hear it. Thank you for that and for yet another spiritual experience.

  18. I have dreams. “Special” dreams. They have a completely different quality to them than normal dreams and there are no words verbally spoken but sometimes minds speak to one another in them. The people I see in them are always dressed completely in glowing white. The first time it happened I awoke in my bed and sat up and standing in my doorway was my paternal aunt and she was holding an infant girl about 9 months old and she was beaming happily. No words were spoken. She had been trying for a number of years to begin a family unsuccessfully. I felt very happy for her and lay back down asleep. First thing the next morning I called her and asked if she was expecting. She said no. I said, “Yes, you are and you are going to have a daughter”. I told her of the dream. Three weeks later she called excitedly to confirm the dream. The first time I saw her daughter she was the age and the child of the dream.
    I have also had visions while awake. I had driven a car load of girls to the Los Angeles Temple for baptism for the dead. I had never been to the Temple before but was allowed to accompany the girls and was sitting in the font area. Beyond the font I could see a throng of people. Hundreds of people. I knew they were spirits but I could see them all clearly. I asked the woman beside me “Who are all those people”? She said, “What people”? Then a temple worker came and asked for someone to help type the certificates and I volunteered. When we were finished she asked if I had any questions about the temple. I said “Yes, can you please tell me who all those people out there by the font are?’ We walked back out there and she asked me where and what did they look like. I told her. She then told me those were the people that were waiting for me to do their geneology work.
    I could probably write a book about the miracles and visions that have been given to my family. I feel like I must be very weak to need to be reinforced so strongly.
    Keep writing your wonderful books. We need them.

  19. A few years ago I had been to many doctor’s, I was so sick the pain was unbearable I was passing out shaking, throwing up every day things just keep getting worse. All of the doctors said that there was nothing wrong, the fifth doctor said that if I didn’t do much better by December of that year they would go in and do exploratory surgery. One day I got down on my knees and poured my heart out in prayer. As I was doing this a voice told my soul that all would be okay, I felt a calmness that I have never felt before or even unto this day. I felt arms around me a burning in my whole being, I didn’t want that comfort burning to leave so I didn’t move but it did leave me. Two weeks later I had to go to the emergency room. They told my mom that I would have to have surgery the next morning. I ended up with tumors everywhere, my oveeres had exploded sending so much poison throughout my body. The doctor said if I had waited until December I would most likely would have died. There is so much more to this story but I know without a doubt God knows each of us and sends us what we need. He loves us and knows that we must suffer but we are never alone. I know that day his loving arms held me and gave me and still gives me his love and the strength to go on.

  20. I was driving to work in the center lane of a very busy freeway. I did this everyday and was fairly relaxed, listening to the CD player. Suddenly a voice said to me “Hold the Wheel”. There was no doubt in my mind that I heard it and immediately came to attention and held the steering wheel steady. Immediately a car from the left lane cut into my lane, barely missing the front of my car. Had I not been alert, I would surely have jerked the wheel to the right, where there was a steady stream of fast moving traffic. Countless lives were affected that day, saved from acccident and injury. I am eternally grateful.

  21. While my dad was in the ICU at Mary Washington hospital, we all decided to go get something to eat. I had an extremely bad knee problem and he was very concerned. As I held his hand for the last time, he told me to take care of my knee. We could not see him upon returning from dinner and he died early the next morning. Many times when I am leaving my mother after visiting her, I feel like I walk through some type of curtain where I am in heaven and can’t be seen. It is a calm, peaceful sense. It doesn’t happen often and I feel it is a vision. My life changed a lot after dad died…I have grown more patient, understanding and try to do more “acts of kindness”…maybe it is also because I am older.

    I finally had a knee replacement and just before the doctor sedated me, I felt very calm and peaceful as if my dad was with me.

  22. The Bible says young men will see visions and old men will dream dreams. I have not seen a vision but I know I have seen an angel. I am a retired police lieutenant and the son of a father who brought me up in a christian home. My father believed in the fact you could be entertaining angels unaware. Although I believed that, I thought people assigned good deeds to angels when most of the time the good deed was done by another human. (Perhaps the man who showed up to fix your flat tire on a dark road and left afterwards without saying a word was an angel, but how do we know it was not just a man.) I know that God often sends someone on your path to help, but I felt that too many people say that it had to be an angel. My angel was sent to either help me to know that angels do come to earth, or so that I could share my fathers beliefs. Walking into a coffee shop (yes they also served donuts) late one snowy winter night, my partner and I saw a man who looked like a bum. He looked cold and hungry. Upon seeing us he said “I just came in to get warm, I’ll leave soon.” I walked to the counter and order my coffee and asked the man if he wanted one and something to eat. He stated he was hungry but had no money. I offered to buy him what he needed. He sat down and ate and then got up and thanked me. As he walked out the door the clerk behind the counter asked why I would buy this bum something to eat and drink. I was able to tell her and my partner quickly what my father had taught me. I stated that man could be an angel and turned to point to him but he was gone. My partner and I got up and quickly walked to the door to see where he had gone. We where amazed when we got to the door, to find that there where no outgoing footsteps in the freshly fallen snow and only our footsteps coming in. Checking the whole lot, we found no tire tracks except from our cruiser and no footprints but ours. Being trained police officers, we had often tracked suspects in the snow and also collected tire tracks at crime scenes. There is no doubt in my mind that this angel disappeared into thin air. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to share this testimony with others.

  23. I don’t describe my experiences as visions but more as messages that come into my mind. Many times I have been saved from harm because I “listened” to that inner voice. I just know things without really knowing how I know. I never ignore these messages, large or small, as I know I am being looked after and that I have been my entire life. For this I give thanks daily. I am eternally grateful for the loving care even though I know I an not worthy to receive it.
    I am particularly grateful for the impulse that made me turn on the TV to catch the Hallmark movie – The Christmas Box. That was my introduction to you and your wonderful books. I have read every one of them and have your latest on order. Thank you for the many hours of pleasure with which you have gifted us.

  24. I also love your books. I can recommend them without reservation to anyone and buy them for gifts I am proud to give. I have had a couple of visions and I find them very curious. Back in the 1980s, when we were both in our 30s, my friend Sherry had been very, very sick for a long time and no medicine or dietary changes had helped. Many of us in our church had prayed for her through this long time. She had so many problems for several years that she had developed ulcerative colitis and was due to have her colon removed and have a permanent colostomy. She was going to go in the hospital the next day and asked me to pray for her. In my kitchen I laid hands on her and began to pray a pretty generic prayer . Help her, heal her, bless the surgeons and techs, give her a speedy recovery, etc. All of a sudden I saw a man who I knew had to be the surgeon though I had no way of knowing him as the hospital was 2 hours away. He was saying in a very surprised voice, “It’s as healthy as a newborn baby’s!” I was so stunned I dropped my hands and quit speaking. She asked me what happened and I didn’t want to say as it made no sense to me, but I did. The next day the doctor decided to perform one more colonoscopy before the surgery to determine how much of the intestine would be removed. She was awake at this point and as he was looking around inside she heard him say those exact words. He looked more carefully for any of the areas that had previously been damaged and could find nothing wrong with her intestines and no evidence that it had previously been damaged though every colonoscopy before showed extensive damage. She was released, told to follow a mild diet for a week or so and then resumed a completely normal life with no restrictions. She gained back lost weight and totally regained her health.
    My second vision was completely different. I was a full time seamstress in my own sewing and design business. I specialized in a lot of formal ware (proms, pageants). One day I was in church during a time of singing and worship and had my hands raised, quietly singing along when God spoke to me. He said, “Thank you, that’s enough. I want to show you something.” I was so shocked I dropped my hands and looked around. No one else seemed to have noticed so I shut my eyes, raised my hands and began singing again. God again said the same thing. I replied in my mind, “I am busy worshipping you. What do you want?” (I wasn’t really very responsive, was I?) He said, “I know you are worshipping and I know you love me. I want to show you something. Look.” And then He showed me how to do a particular alteration that I could never figure out how to do. I had prayed about it months before and never had figured out a successful way so had just refused to do it subsequently. I was completely stunned. Why would He even bother? I sensed from Him-though didn’t see Him- a huge smile. He said, “I love you and wanted to surprise you.” I could feel His delight like a parent with a child at Christmas opening presents. I felt overwhelmingly loved. The God of all the universe showed me how to do an alteration. Who knew He cared about a prom dress?

  25. Many years ago, I was attending a Youth Group retreat. I was there with some adult leaders, my youth pastor and some other young adults and teenagers (I was one of the young adults). At one point we were all in the same room just worshiping the Lord and He gave me a vision. In my vision I saw all of us with our arms raised in the air being held in two huge hands…the hands of God. It was amazing! When we got back to church after our retreat, I noticed a small poster pinned to a bulletin board…it was a picture of exactly what I saw in my vision. Two giant hands holding a bunch of people with their arms raised in worship! I was dumbfounded! I quickly went to ask my Pastor how long that poster had been up there and he told me that he had just put it up minutes before! It was powerful and I still have that poster! I’m 57 now and was in my 20’s then.

  26. We called the rescue squad to take my husband to the emergency room on Thanksgiving morning of 2013. He couldn’t breathe! As I sat by his hospital bed, the doctor came in and asked if we had discussed end of life procedures. We had, and we had decided not to take extreme measures in a case like this – but I was sitting beside him and could not say those words. Instead I said, “Please help him.” He was intubated and put on propofol for over a week. He was diagnosed with renal failure and cardiac failure. I asked one physician what would come next and he told me “tracheotomy and then dialysis.” I panicked and told them to take him off of the life saving devices. I came home and wrote his obituary, got out his best suit and tie, and asked my daughter to please purchase a new shirt. When all the tubes were out, my husband reassured me that I had done the right thing. Our family doctor put him in hospice and sent him home to die. In private I asked the doctor about the prognosis and his answer was, “Three days.”
    This Thanksgiving was the third since that incident. He still has problems, but my husband is here and enjoying life. He is no longer in hospice. In fact, the hospice nurses refer to him as “The Miracle Man.”
    When my daughter and granddaughter went to purchase a shirt, my daughter became upset and started to cry. She blurted out the situation to the lady who was waiting on her. The saleswoman put her arms around her and told her it would be all right. She told her it was not his time. Her words gave great comfort, and several weeks later my daughter returned to that store to let the kind lady know her dad was doing better. The salesperson wasn’t there. When my daughter gave the clerk’s name and asked the manager to relay a message, the manager said they’d never had a clerk by the name my daughter had given!

  27. Thanks you for the wonderful thoughts and experiences that I have remembered that have happened to me from time to time.

  28. Rick,

    I have had many dreams that I believe are visions. My deceased sister Kay has visited me in dreams to give me instructions or comfort. I always wake from these dreams with a sense of peace and calm and with a renewed commitment to move forward in life with faith.

    Thank you for sharing you miracles!

  29. I haven’t had visions, but I know my Mom who has been deceased since May2013. Strange things have happened since she left us. My siblings call them coincidences. I do not because I’ve been in my house when they happen. The first time, I was outside getting ready to go do some errands. I saw a morning dove land on my patio outside my house. (Mom and I use to sit out on the patio and listen to the morning doves, we loved their song, HOO HOO, HOO HOO. Anyway we just stared at each other for 30 seconds or so, then she picked up a twig and flew off. This happened just 2 weeks after she died. The second time, was as I was walking from my kitchen to my living room,, I heard a “THUNK” I looked over and a framed picture of my MOM, my brother at 1 year old she was holding him, her Mother and her Grandmother. A 4 generation picture. It fell onto the floor, face down. My one sibling said. “OH it was just about to fall off the table. No it wasn’t. The third occurrence, I was sitting in my chair in the living room, I hear a thunk again, I walked through the house, and in my bathroom, I had 2 bottles of shampoo, sitting on this shelf in my tub. They both fell off into the tub face down. My one sibling said ” They fell because they were wet, No, I was home all day, and this was late afternoon when it happened. These are a just a few happenings. I know they were Mom, she was just letting me know that she is with me, or that she is okay, or I don’t know what. I told my Pastor about it, and he asked me “Was I afraid when these happened”. I said “NO not at all” because I knew they were MOM.

  30. Mr. Evans, I started reading your books with “The Christmas Box”. I have read almost all of your books with the exception of the Michael Vey series. I have had several visions beginning probably with my oldest son who passed away 40 years ago this year. I told the doctors that he would not see his 8th birthday and he passed away 3 weeks prior. It was a blessing as he was Downs, had heart problems, and leukemia. He was sent to me by God to teach me to be more tolerant of people different from me. I woke up from a deep sleep when my mother passed away gasping for breath, and then I knew when my father was going to pass away (not the actual time or date but knew it was near). I have had a recent one on my mother’s 20th anniversary of her death. An angel left my body and I saw it’s prescence. I have fibromyalgia and she was sent to help me . I have had many more but don’t tell too many people about them as they would think I was crazy but I DO BELIEVE IN THE GIFTS THAT GOD GIVE US.

  31. I have had several in my lifetime. My mom was in a nursing home the last 5 months of her life, and funeral arrangements had been pre-paid when she entered. Included in that was a lovely burial gown I had selected at the funeral home. A day after she passed away, I was out running errands when I was overcome with relentless thoughts about her burial dress. I felt like I was going nuts. Because I could not focus on anything else but this I called my significant other at home and said, “I know this is silly, but please go look in mom’s closet and see if there is anything suitable to be buried in.” He did as I asked. When he came back on the phone he said, “You mean the dress in the back of the closet with sticky notes all over it that say ‘bury me in this dress'”. Mom obviously intended to be buried in that dress and let me know it!

  32. I did have a vision on the night my mother died in 2006. I had been with her for two days and when I knew she chose not to have an intervention to save her life, they said she might have a week to live. I told her to “Go with God” and left to come home for a change of clothes and a night’s sleep. We had a call at 1 am, that mother had pasted and I yelled out to God that I have to know you have her. Within moments, I had a vision of swirling clouds and the presence of 3 bright lights ascending. I was wide awake and described them to my husband as we lay there in bed. Then after some minutes there was only the dark clouds and the lights were gone and I had a profound peace. I knew Jesus and his angles had escorted mom into heaven.

    Richard, I too love your books and so did my husband. While he was d;dying , he would listen again and again to “The Walk Series”. It seemed to keep him calm. We live in the Seattle area on Whidbey Island, so we knew these places you set your story. I had asked the Lord that Al die peacefully and the Lord let me know he would though the doctors said it would not be pleasant. This gave me peace. I believe Al had visions during this time in Hospice.

  33. The women in my family have had frequent visions and premonitions about the future for generations. I believe the premonitions I receive have helped me to survive and later heal from a very traumatic childhood. I come from a very unique background wherein my father practiced polygamy and our home was rife with domestic violence and sexual abuse. Some family members even became involved in Satanic worship. It has taken many years to recover and heal from all that I experienced as a child. There were many times that I absolutely knew that angels and at times, even the Savior, was right by my side, bearing me up. During my healing process, I have had visions of Him appearing in a lush, green meadow filled with flowers and sunshine, flooding my soul with light and hope. I have met several other survivors of childhood trauma who also speak of the Green Meadow where they find peace and healing.

    At the tender age of seven, I lived in the Nevada desert. I remember being fascinated with the story of Enoch in the Bible and how he had walked with God. I took that literally and decided to one day go walk and talk with God like Enoch did. With the faith of a child, I did just that. I just poured my heart out to the Lord and He did indeed answer me. I did not actually see Him, but I heard Him and know that He was present. I asked him several things about religious truths and He patiently explained the Gospel to me in a way I could grasp and answered my many questions. He also told me that I was going to have a very challenging life and would come very close to losing my way, but that as long as I never stopped believing in Him, I would eventually be ok. He would be there for me and certain people would come into my life to help me get back on the right path.

    Soon after this experience, I had a dream where I was in a pickup truck being driven by the owner of a ranch my father was overseeing. This man, a brother and I were driving on a winding road next to a cliff overhanging an ocean. I became very nervous seeing the waves crash over jagged rocks below. The man carelessly drove too close to the edge and in spite of my warnings actually drove off, but I was able to somehow catch myself and climb back up to safety with the help of my brother. A few years later, my family had a falling out with the man in my dream when he began practicing extreme “religious” rites and we left that ranch and in time, moved to Oregon. The first outing my family took to the nearby Pacific coast, I recognized that exact same road from my dream, even though I had never been there before. I interpreted that dream as a warning that I had to be careful with my choices in life or I would go over a spiritual “cliff” and lose my way. With all the poor choices I subsequently made as a young adult, I came very close to doing that.

    When I was grown and married, one day I suddenly woke from a nap upon hearing the words in my head, “Someone close to you is going to die. You need to prepare yourself so that you do not become bitter and distance yourself from your Heavenly Father. You need to know and accept that this is His will.” At that point, I began searching for a church to attend on a regular basis and it was the start of a spiritual reawakening for me. Six years went by after being awakened from that nap. Then, only a short time after I had formally joined a church that I was finally comfortable with, my husband unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack . He had not shown overt signs of being ill, but I still struggled with guilt that I should have somehow known and got him medical treatment. It was then that I remembered the message that had come into my head and I was able to release those feelings of guilt and know that all was going according to God’s plan. Also, had I not received that warning, I may not have done the necessary legwork to find a church home. i do not know how I could have survived the tragedy of losing my husband without the my church family’s support. So, for me, visions and premonitions come WHEN I need them. They no longer occur as frequently, but that is ok. It means I have healed and that is a good thing. Richard, there is another LDS author who has explored this topic, related to parents having visions or other forms of communication from children who have not yet been born to them. She herself had a vision about a child she later miscarried. Her name is Sarah Hinze and her books are fascinating. Part of my story will be featured in her next book.

    My husband, Blake and i enjoy your adult fiction and we enjoy sharing the Michael Vey series with our ten yr old son and seven yr old daughter. They love to listen to the audio recordings. Your stories are a great incentive for them to quickly get ready for school or finish their chores so they can listen to “Michel Vey”. I thank you for sharing your stories with us. I think I have at least one book in me, but have not yet cornered enough discipline in my life to carve out the time to write it.

  34. I’ve already had a bunch of spiritual experiences and I am not even that old. One was this one time when I was in choir and we all went on this day trip visiting old folks homes and malls and singing for them. Well, the very last place we went was this hospital that was very big. The acoustics in there were so good, and it was our best performance by far. But then, when we reached the end of our songs, and we were thinking it was done, our choir teacher suddenly told us to do one more song that we had done at one of our earlier concerts. You might know it. Its called oh, danny boy, and its about a boy named danny dying, and how much the person singing loves them, when you listen to the words. And we were going to sing it in a hospital. crazy, right? We were all nervous and thinking that this was nuts, since we hadn’t sang it in forever and might not even remember the words. But then we started, and it was our most beautiful song. Many people were crying, and could feel the spirit. After our song, a crying couple came up to our choir teacher and told her that they had only heard our last song after coming out of a grief counseling session. Their son had died a few months earlier. And, guess what their son’s name was? Daniel. Coincidence? I think not. I could tell it had truly inspired and helped them, and our entire choir was amazed. I know my choir teacher got that impression for a reason, and that God cares about us.

  35. Richard I cannot tell you what a difference your books have made in my life. Each one of them has touched my heart in a way that I needed at that time. Sometimes I feel you are writing expressly for me. I had the pleasure and honor of meeting you at a book signing in 2003 at Hastings in Spokane, Washington and I told you I was your biggest fan in Idaho. I still think I am your biggest fan, and I share your books with many people. Your books have given me hope and lightened my burdens in my dark days. Thank you for your wonderful insights and messages. I praise God that he has blessed you with such a special gift, that I am sure, touches many people’s hearts besides my own. I look forward to each and every one of your books and I pray that you will continue for many more years. However, when the time comes that you may stop writing, I will just keep reading over and over again your wonderful books. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with all the rest of us. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  36. I enjoyed your Blog this week. I believe in visions and my goal in life is to love God with all my heart and do his will, but I fall short as you said.

  37. My mom passed away in June. She was 97. She was a very devout Catholic and prayed every day and watched EWTN a lot. Last fall we called hospice because we thought it was the end but she was with us until June. One day, about a week before she passed, when I got home (she was usually in front of the TV watching the rosary or mass). She told me she was done and could she go to bed. I was amazed since she was always so lively. I knew than that it was getting close. A few days before she died she blessed everyone that came to visit her and did the sign of the cross in front of everyone. While I was sitting with her praying she started staring at something on the wall directly across her bed. She just stared and stared. I asked her if she saw something. She said “yes”. I was thinking that she was seeing passed family members but instead she said she saw the Blessed Mother and Jesus. She looked so at peace and it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I truly believe that when we are close to death we see past family members or like my mom she saw the Blessed Mother and Jesus. That night we checked on her every few hours. At about 2 in the morning we checked on her and she had passed. She was so beautiful. Her arms were stretched out as if she was embracing or receiving something and her eyes were closed and at peace. I will never forget that. We took some videos in her room after she was taken away and to our amazement we saw all these white lights all over the place. We couldn’t see them out right but they were on the videos. Someone told me they were orbs I had never heard of them but I truly believe that they were angels visiting her room and letting us know that she was OK and that she was with God. I haven’t been able to view the videos since then but some day I will again. Thanks for sharing and thanks for allowing me to share.

  38. My mother was dying and had been unresponsive for several hours. About 11 am, she opened her eyes and looked up near the ceiling. She raised her hand and began to k/shake her finger at what/whom she was seeing. She didn’t speak. My daughter called on the phone and I held it up to her ear. Jane said “I love you Grandma” and Mom smiled. She never opened her eyes again and at Noon, she was gone.

  39. I like to go to garage sales. I was going to make a right hand turn on to a side street when I realized the arrow was pointing left, so I changed the signal changer to a left turn then looked into my rear view mirror and there was a Big Truck coming very fast up on my tail. I had no time to turn left or right so I put my hands over my face and lowered my head praying. I then could hear the truck go by the left side of my car. I looked up and saw the truck going up on the front lawn of a homeowner. It came down just in front of my car and down the road it went. I also heard a swishing sound go over the top of my car and then silence. I knew then I had a Guardian Angel watching over me. I should of had an accident that day but did not and needless to say no one was hurt. I went home with a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach and so glad to be home. I definitely said my prayers that night.

  40. I’ve seen how it ends. Not to sound corny but “Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.” It was warm. It burned for a second, then it was all warm. We are with our family’s. Everything was peaceful. I cried at first, but it is not like we will be missing anything afterwards.

  41. ive seen something but i dont exactly know what it means, or if it means anything at all.
    when i was young i lived on atoll called mwoakilloa. its in the pacific somewhere haha.
    but while on the island i know i saw something. people always told me i probably was dreaming, and i always just said maybe i was.
    im older now and i know it couldve been anything. but on my island we used a one power generater for the whole island. not a big one, but one of those generaters that you can get at walmart haha. it was hooked up to everyones homes, and it was only used when needed. we werent really up to date with our technology is all im saying. and i remember that day just like any other days i can still remember from my childhood. and i know when im dreaming cause after that so called dream i made it a point for some reason to remember a real dream when i had one. and now i only remember a two dreams in my past one was real dream and was scary haha and one im not sure what it was.
    i remember waking up one early morning everything still dark but you can tell the sun is close to rise because the sky is losing its darkness and turning into blue. so when i awoke i went out on our small dock made from just rocks they piled up in the water. but while i was there i saw something lighting up in my pereferal, so i looked and there it was. close to the shore right behind our home. it was in the water and it was beautiful. three sea creatures lighting up the shore, swiming in a circle perfectly in sync, one right behind the other and i could see all the rocks below them as they lit up the area around them. i knew some of my animals of the sea, so i knew what they were but it was weird because they were all babies(i guessed because from their sizes). and they each were glowing with diferent colors that made their original form a little faint. the 3 creatures were a hammerhead shark which was glowing a light blue color, a sting ray which was glowing a red-ish/pink color, and a great whiteshark(this one im not so sure but it looked like it) and this one was glowing white. than i heard my grandmother called me and i raced to her
    to tell her what i saw.
    the reason for me thinking it wasnt a dream is because i remember what happened after. and my grandmother who had passed away now, confirmed.
    my grandmother said she awoke to find that i wasnt in the house so she called out, i came running in trying to have her go and look at the shore only to see nothing, i was a little disapointed she could see. so she had me go with my uncle to the other side of the island to grab some coconuts.
    we walked through the island in darkness with nothing but an old kerosene lantern and a machete. when we got to our destination i remember seeing lots of coconut trees covering the area. but oddly they were all short and i could reach the coconuts myself without even climbing. which was why i thought maybe it was all a dream.
    life went on and i still thought about that day.
    years later after my family and i had moved to hawaii. i remember my grandmother came to visit us. and i asked her if she remembered the day she sent me and my uncle to grab coconuts. she said yes and she also told me that there was an area on our island where you can find short coconut trees(dwarf coconut trees). in geat confususion i told her what i saw and why i dragged her outside than she started laughing and said maybe i was day-dreaming.
    so yup, thats it i guess.
    you seemed pretty well knowledged and i wanted to just see if this means anything through your personal perspective.
    haha im sorry its pretty long haha.

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