St. Barts blog

Not my day to die.

Our trip to the Caribbean seemed to be cursed from the onset. I wanted to surprise my wife, Keri, with something she’d never done before and a friend recommended a ...

Pink Bike blog

Yesterday I gave my bike away

This guest blog is from my daughter, and writing assistant, Jenna Evans Welch. (Yes, the same little Jenna from The Christmas Box, only grown up. Enjoy)   Yesterday I gave ...

flight blog

The Only Way to Fly

True story. After spending a lovely week in Virginia at an author friend’s lake house (thriller writer David Baldacci), our family was on our way home to Salt Lake, flying ...


Ugly Babies and Grandparent Goggles

I’m the worst kind of grandparent–the kind who will show pictures of his grandson to complete strangers, including people in the Atlanta airport who don’t speak English and look terrified ...

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.14.25 PM

Why do things go wrong when we’re trying to do what’s right?

Lately I’ve been pondering why it is that when we set out to do something good we face such difficult adversity. Sometimes it even feels like we’re being punished for ...

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