Teenage girl hugging father wearing graduation gown

A Father’s Letter to his Child on Graduation

  My Dear Child, I am so very proud of you. Now, as you prepare to embark on a new journey–your own journey–I’d like to share one piece of advice I ...

dnews Wilda.cit   ja

You won’t believe this mother’s heartache

This Mother’s Day we are going to make a difference. Join us.  I don’t know why some people have to face as much pain as they do. Wilda Thompson is one ...


Why is this boy happy?

CLICK TO SEE NATHAN HELPING OUT Nathan Glad has the perfect last name. According to his parents he is always glad. Glad and grateful. He is also fragile. He was ...

Real love blog

What my 7-year-old daughter taught me about Love

The task of defining love is one that some of humanity’s greatest minds have wrestled with. Philosophers, theologians and psychologists have all contributed their definitions of the phenomenon. Personally, I ...

Young businessman criticizing on gray background

2 Clichés that Smart People Won’t Use

“Avoid cliches,” is one of the first things any writing class worth its pencils will teach. Clichés are not only a sign of unoriginality but lazy thinking in general–a truth that applies to ...

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